Texas Heart



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April 5, 2019



Blake Clark as Stid
John Savage as Wallace
Lin Shaye as Miss Black
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnsgospel 1 / 10 / 10

Rough, Filthyl Language

This is nit really a story of redemption it's a picture of the morality of society Cursing, vulgar language not fit to watch in a family setting outrating would actually be O minus we shut it off , discussted.

Reviewed by dderose-626-157210 8 / 10 / 10

A heartwarming Feel_good Flic!

It's tough to believe a movie this good only has 8 reviews. What's even harder to believe is why someone would only rank this film a 3 out of 10 claiming it is a big waste of time. I don't even think he bothered to watch it. Why would someone only write a 1 line review. That is not a fair review by any means. This dramatic and often comedic movie portrays a little slice of Texas, it's people and it's hospitality. Juniper rubs off on one man in a very good way when he takes the time to open his eyes and look around, seeing a small town full of wonder people for the first time. The acting was, in my opinion, top-notch. The movie was engaging, funny and real. Spend a little time and watch Texas Heart; you'll be glad you did and then you'll tell your friends about it as well.

Reviewed by fredwilharm 8 / 10 / 10

Watch 10 minutes, and then YOU decide

I watched a lot of indie films this week, including Texas Heart. I read all the good reviews and all the bad ones. I don't get the low reviews on this one. My barometer of a film is whether I can walk away from it part way through. Texas Heart wouldn't let me go get a snack, and that's an unusual thing. Some of the acting in the Southern town may seem exaggerated to those who don't live in one- but I live in a place where when you move in, someone may very well turn up on your front porch with a home backed pecan pie. The cinematography was top notch and the editing and pacing was spot on. A few weaknesses as in any indie film, but well worth your time to watch.

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