Thaanaa Serndha Koottam

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adnan_nazeer76 4 / 10 / 10

Good for those who haven't watched the original

For those that haven't watched special 26, this is one ride of a movie, but for those that did, the movie has so many unexplained scenes and stories which are left to the imagination of the viewer. The set up from 1987 seemed to be logical and refreshing to bring in old actors like Karthick, Sendhil but so many loopholes existed where a modern CCTV Camera is shown and said to be from 1987 and so many other little things which would have gone unnoticed to the normal viewer. Karthick's acting seemed a bit too forced and unnatural and the jokes were a bit too cringy. Sad that R.J Balaji didn't get much on screen time. I would recommend the audience to watch the original Special 26. Good for the mindless "MASSS" seeking kollywood audience. Keerthy Suresh's involvement in the first scene is left unexplained. Overall screenplay was not so smooth as it was all too rushed and jumbled up. Unnecessary elements were brought in,maybe to amplify the intensity of the scene but proved useless overall.

Reviewed by AnandOne 4 / 10 / 10

SKIP IT, if you watched/heard about Special 26

When you watch Special 26, you will feel that there is no single protagonist in the movie. Every character in the movie was given a importance of a leading role. Unfortunately in the Tamil version everything revolves around the hero. Its very sad state of affair. Movie should have been named as Surya :). I am not sure if directors have to compromise for the star dom. Vignesh knows the trick to convert a serious movie to a commercial masala movie. The whole essence of the original movie is the essence of the real life feel. Not a single moment of the movie you will feel real. Cinematography... is a consolation from Dinesh On the one side creators produce next generation movies like Aruvi, Aramm and on other hand this is what you have got is this.

Reviewed by naveen_reloaded 4 / 10 / 10

Heist movie with no logic nor substance.

The movie doesnt have substantial elements nor any turning point which is a usual element in heist movies to grab our attention. The movie leisurely runs with few normal heist (with no twist nor turns) , followed by songs , and fight. The time period confuses so much so , i was made to believe RJ Balaji is the younger suriya .. So messed up. Also why take us to 1980's time ? Time period doesnt serve any purpose but to give director free hand in making the hero escape from everything , even after slapping a higher police official. The songs dont stick , the actress dont stick, the sentiments dont stick ... Its all piled up flashy cinematography which shows 80's period so colorful , making us even scratch our head in which time period we are in. It is entertaining to some limit , but other than that , there is nothing much in this film ...

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