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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anhannon 8 / 10 / 10

Wow !

Little Horror Movie boasts an extremely likeable cast. Even though we catch them when they're starting to show the symptoms of cabin fever with each other and stress at their slightly-below-par viewing figures, they are easy to identify with and felt very three dimensional and real. If you met them while travelling, you'd have a beer with them, no question. The transition from a demonic possession movie to a very amusing demonic possession movie was brilliant. I'm not quite sure when it happened but it subtly slipped under my radar. The initial quirkiness of things like Mark falling for a much older lady were one thing, but the pause pre-attempted exorcism to call 'Racist' regarding an Islamic entity potentially being unaffected by the power of Christ compelling it was hilarious. The humor was infectious but it didn't detract from some truly terrifying moments. Nor did it detract from a palpable sense of sadness when Mark died (I expected him to open his eyes and refer to Einar's character transition) or when Helen was left totally shell shocked. There were numerous nods to other possession films and these were respectfully acknowledged in the dialogue. The ending... what can I say? It has to be one of the most impressive endings to a horror movie I have seen. I loved it. Seeing all of those demons who had lost their feeder was chilling. I noticed Einar's upload had a few minutes left on the YouTube duration indicator so I assume (well, hope) that he made it out of there. A pleasure to watch. Massive congratulations to all involved on something very, very special and entertaining.

Reviewed by ddarreny / 10


I had seen previous work from the same director namely "Kandisha" and felt it was an incredible piece of cinema, a classic if you will. I saw Little Horror Movie at NOLA and was expecting something in the same vein as "Kandisha" but this one is different and in a nice way. what LHM (Little Horror Movie) has going for it, is that is is raw and visceral. the characters feel very real which adds to the sense of foreboding that envelops this whole journey to hell. But what really got me from the start is the depth of the movie, the different layers. the movie tackles the issue of how social media and social acceptance has reshaped out psyche and how views, likes, and the likes can alter our own sense of belonging, our self esteem and our place in the world. Cohen Olivar is an important and underrated filmmaker. for those reasons alone, I will continue to watch his films and you should do the same.

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