The Academy of Magic


Animation / Fantasy

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Ben Diskin as Neo / Dark Chocolate Bunny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by owen-691-380910 1 / 10 / 10

no telling where the money went...

Estimated budget 12000000, I guess they blew it on coke and hookers, if so, well played, however, if this is an actual attempt at entertaining children, it seems misguided at best. The animation quality is terrible. The same pictures/sequences are used again and again. The voice acting is amateurish. A previous reviewer said something like "dont watch this unless your high or drunk" however I have to vehemently disagree (there are far better things to do while high or drunk ;) and say dont watch this until and unless some sick twisted serial killer is holding your wife and kids and forcing you to watch it to save them, and even then I would ask you to think twice.

Reviewed by finol-80628 / 10


As excited as I was for something about magic, this made me consider suicide. Animation was poor, story was terrible, and characters plain and shallow. For 12 Million Budget you would expect something with depth and an actual try to make it good, while this was just an poor attempt at Something? that wasn't even okay. Do not give this a watch unless you are high or drunk.

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