The Aerialist



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Bernard White as Spencer
Dreya Weber as Jane Hawkins
Nadine Ellis as Bianca
Traci Dinwiddie as Hathaway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10 / 10

loads of artistery, but too dramatique intrigues...

For me to swallow in one gulp. its a film about a show dancers, a troop called the family, a well driven troop of dancers, till the new instructor/director comes, as a part of a cutting budgets twist from the company running the shows everything is turned litterally upside down, and the crew members quits one by one like a diurnal fly, rather than getting fired. its not a film with suspence and fun, its too dramatic to be that, but its so full of aerobatics, done by true aerialists, and for that reason the standards of true acting are at the average level. but what they do in the ropes, strings, lyras and cloths are just amazing, if not to say fantastic. its also a film about aging, being treated like a burden and showstopper. its an anti labourunion flick, not with big demonstrations, but at the individual level. what a contract can be worth is easy to see by watching the aerialist. its also a film about occupational injuries, and painfull bodies that often accompanies a life in sports and arts like dancing , ballets, gymnastics and acrobatics(and even in medical nursing) to mention some. its not a film for the big crowds thinks the grumpy old man, its too slow and specialized to become a block buster, but to all of you with a hang to the subject, have a look, its a marvel of bodily arts

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