The Aeronauts


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Eddie Redmayne as Tom Hayden
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonasatmosfera 1 / 10 / 10

Historical revisionism and lies

OK, here we go again, and again, and again... The film is a major disservice to history of science and to the real people involved in this fascinating episode in the development of balloning. The fact is that the omission of Henry Tracey Coxwell the lad who was Glaisher's copilot is another shameful act by Hollywood. A film that claims to be based on "true events" should at least give credit where is credit is due. If writers and directors continue this trend, I will not be surprised if, for instance in a film depicting the D-Day invasion of Normandy we see the American army composed entirely of women.

Reviewed by Fiahm 4 / 10 / 10

A Truly Disgraceful Rewriting of History for Political Reasons

As should hopefully now be general knowledge, this new film 'The Aeronauts' is presented as a historical biography of James Glaisher, an early balloonist, as he breaks the world record for altitude in the 1860s, yet the filmmakers have completely removed his solitary flight companion, Henry Coxwell, the man who ensured the success of the mission and saved both of their lives, and instead inserted a completely fictional female character, "Amelia Rennes", who takes over the proceedings and even narrates the damn film. At the conclusion, Glaisher stands before the Royal Society and thanks his (fictional) Indian friend and (fictional) Rennes, saying he couldn't have done it without them, even though neither of them existed, and it ends with an implied romantic relationship between him and Rennes, even though the real life Glaisher had been married for over 20 years by this point, to Cecilia Belville, an interesting woman here edited out of history altogether. Even without this shameful and insensitive mockery of real people's lives, the film is ridiculous on just about every other level too, and for the most part is just two TV-level actors prancing about in front of a green screen for an hour and a half. The script is awful, the acting is cringe, the CGI is obvious and dull. All the disastrous changes mentioned above were made for purely ideological reasons, to meet some 'diversity' agenda, and with the no doubt loudly stated aim of inspiring young girls to go out and... I don't know, do the vital work of ballooning or something. I get why some spinally-challenged people might want to leap on board that virtue-signaling express and go woo-woo, but I need it explaining to me how making up history and lying to little girls is supposed to spur them on to greatness. A shameful blot on not only aeronautical but cinematic history, this is a new low for the ideologues hell-bent on making the world in the image of their own fantasies, no matter how many untruths they have to tell to get us there.

Reviewed by aglezthewizard 4 / 10 / 10

The movie is well made, but I can't stand the lie that a woman was the one who accompanied James Glaisher

This historical plot happened in 1862, it was a flight of British aircraft James Glaisher and Henry Coxwell, whose hot air balloon broke the world record for flight altitude, reaching approximately 11,887 m (38,999 ft). However, while Glaisher appears in the film, Coxwell has been replaced by Amelia Rennes, a fictional character, it is a real shame that those who are so worried about the truth continue to lie, believes that the film is well made, but the lie... to put the woman is ridiculous and in bad taste about such a remarkable historical fact..... Certainly a total foolishness of director Tom Harper, apparently they want to change history at all costs.....

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