The Age of Consequences


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tenrally 3 / 10 / 10


I went for the premiere screening at HotDocs festival in Toronto. I loved the beautiful aerial shots of nature and industrialized areas, and cool computer animation sequences connecting visual pieces together. Everything else.. oh, well, the movie felt like a US military propaganda, in which US is declaring a "war on climate change". Limited, one-sided information, presented in a way that was more aimed at instilling fear than explaining the real causes of climate change and empowering the average citizen. Immigration crisis in Europe and Middle East got also superficial treatment - shocking, dramatic pictures, accompanied by one sided opinions favoring US politics (At the same time immigration issues at the US south border were not even mentioned). I understand time constraints of 80 minutes format, but that is not enough of an excuse for presenting this kind of limited perspective... In this extreme situation glorified US govt and US army are entitled to take whatever measures necessary to provide the global stability - all too familiar. There are better documentaries on the topic.

Reviewed by stu-00329 10 / 10 / 10

Consequences Clear, but Filmmakers Couldn't Stop Themselves

The Age of Consequences makes a strong point about the connection between climate change and global instability … and then belabors it to death. The documentary begins with a parade of military leaders and civilian defense and diplomatic experts, all reinforcing that connection – as if trying to drown out the politicians who pretend it is open to debate. The filmmakers list a number of ramifications – land loss, shortages, migration, civil unrest and international conflict, to name a few – but then make the same, or very similar, points for each one. This documentary examines an important topic, so it's a shame that I was nodding off about three- quarters of the way through. Really, though, you could get the gist of it from viewing the trailer. ### Stu Robinson practices writing, editing, media relations and social media through his business, Phoenix-based Lightbulb Communications.

Reviewed by pampowell5 10 / 10 / 10

Climate Change Has Even More Fallout Than Initially Thought

Jared P. Scott's film "The Age of Consequences" is simply riveting and completely eye-opening as we hear from high level retired military personnel and authors, and see the ever-increasing extreme weather conditions forcing entire areas into fleeing their homeland. These "climate change refugees" are increasing as our world is changing. In addition, the film points out that climate change creates situations of global instability. Never before has a film connected all the dots to paint such a clear, and disturbing picture. The film is broken down into segments such as "poverty" and "adaptation" to delve more deeply into how climate change impacts these particular areas. Archival footage of respected and informed government officials such as Madeleine Albright and Stephen Cheney is also used to hammer home the concepts and the consequences. And Michael Breen, a young veteran, succinctly gives us analogies that you can't argue. "The Age of Consequences" is an eloquent and intelligent look inside the global instability that climate change is creating. The film will open your eyes and your mind and while it is disturbing, we need to wake up and do something. There is hope. See this film and be a part of the equation of hope.

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