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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andyroo54 5 / 10 / 10

A lot of great ideas but it falls flat

Looking at this movie 35 years after it's release, it's very easy to see it's influence on movies made since, especially more recent (last ten years) horror, including movies like Insidious, paranormal activity etc. There are so many great ideas in this movie, I particularly like the relationship the child has with the spirit, that only she can see, an idea that has been used countless times since. But I feel like it was never fully followed through, it almost seems like they didn't know how to end this movie, how to tie it all together. The plot with the priest just fizzles out, the plot with the ghost on the child can see fizzles out, the idea that the husband is going to kill everyone fizzles out.. it just fizzles. It's just such a shame considering the possibilities. I also think it's overly long, and quite boring in some parts. There are a few jump scares early on but nothing spectacular. I kept waiting for things to get scary but most parts just seemed comical, like when the lead actor saw a ghost head of himself hovering in the cavity behind the wall in the basement. It even had a cheesy bit of music to go with it. I feel like maybe they were channeling some of the exorcist here with the priest plot lines, but it just didn't work. In the end, it was a totally unsatisfying movie, with a really weak ending. Having said that, I have to give it kudos for inspiring the movie makers of today, and I think modern horror is so much better for the ones that went before.

Reviewed by alexanderdavies-99382 9 / 10 / 10

A film of its time.

"The Amityville Horror" film claims to be based upon real events about supposed paranormal activities at a particular house where a family was terrorised. However, all this has been disputed since the release of the film. The plot is fairly good on the whole and includes some moments of atmosphere and suspense. One highlight, is when the babysitter is locked in the large cupboard and the child in her care just gazes at the locked door, ignoring the cries for help. We bear witness to the family in question as their idea of their dream home gradually becomes a nightmare. James Brolin and Margot Kidder don't employ much in the way of subtlety once their characters begin to feel the strain of living in a haunted house. For me, the acting honours go to Rod Steiger as a local priest who seems much in tune with the paranormal activity at the house. He conveys much in the way of Fear and torment. An arresting performance. Murray Hamilton and John Larch are wasted in their one scene appearance. The inevitable climax is one that tries to pull out all the stops but I was slightly disappointed with it. It wasn't dramatically effective enough for my liking. One considerable weakness in the plot, is that Rod Steiger didn't have a proper scene with either of the leads, which he should have done in order to provide some spiritual comfort. In addition, he should have been included for the climax. The direction is ok but nothing special and the pace tends to be rather leaden. The film has dated without question and I have seen far better haunted house movies. Worth seeing if only the once.

Reviewed by buckikris 9 / 10 / 10

112 Ocean Avenue, A House With A Disturbing Past.

In 1974, A True Tragedy happened at 112 Ocean Avenue. Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered his mother, father, two brothers, and two sisters. He was tried and convicted and serving life in prison. A year later George and Kathy Lutz seem to have found the perfect home for 80,000 dollars. They decide to take it because the price is a steal especially for all that's included. Along with George is Kathy's three kids, Matt( Meeno Peluce), Greg( K.C. Martel), and Amy( Natasha Ryan). As soon as they start to move in strange things begin to happen. The appearance of flies in the dead of winter, strange smells, and sharp temperature drops. An example, when George complains about it feeling 32 degrees when the register shows it's 70 in the house. Due to the murders the previous year the Lutz's talk to their Priest about blessing the house. They have a personal relationship with him, and what the evil gone from their new home. When Father Delaney( Rod Steigler) arrives, he starts upstairs. He seems like he still feels an evil presence in the house. While he is getting prepared, he notices the appearance of flies on the window. When he begins, those flies multiply to about 20. Father Delaney gets up, it suddenly gets silent and a demonic voice yells " GET OUT". The Father starts to get violently ill, and leaves. As the days go by the Lutz's face more horrors. The appearance of black sludge in the toilets, strange accidents, a door blowing off it's hinges from the inside, locked doors with no locks on it, and the appearance of a pig in the upstairs window. One of the most bizarre things that happened was the missing money. Kathy's brother, Jimmy, is getting married. He counts 1500 dollars 3 times because the caterer wants cash. When he goes to check his pocket it's not there. The Lutz's look everywhere, it's gone. It is never explained what happened to it, but later that night George finds one of the money wrap that holds 500 dollars. During The Lutz's time at the house George becomes more withdrawn, hateful, and starts neglecting his business. Kathy decides to do some investigating on her own about the house, and the murders the year before. She finds the house has a very dark past that goes back for 100's of years. When she returns home, she hides the kids from George. George has become more possessed, he starts toward the house yelling Kathy and the kids names. When he finds Kathy and the kids, he grabs her by the neck. All of a sudden he snaps out of it and realizes what he is doing. It is time for them to get out, before the house has complete control of them. The Lutz's escape and survive only 28 days @ 112 Ocean Avenue, never to return. I saw this movie when I was really young about 7 yrs. old. It was very scary then and it still holds that scare factor now. I love the whole vibe of the movie and the book is great. I have the DVD and it is just on that you can watch over and over. The one thing I didn't know back then was the De Feo murders, actually the first part of the movie is true. I don't know how much truth is to The Lutz's story, but it still gives me the CHILLS. This film also includes performances by Murray Hamiliton( JAWS) and Don Stroud ( Father Bolen). I would recommend this film to anyone, it lives up to the hype, and will make your skin crawl.

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