The Apparition


Horror / Thriller

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April 28, 2019



Ashley Greene as Jenny Burke
Sebastian Stan as Lee Bodecker
Tom Felton as The Grand Guignol
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Milk_Tray_Guy 5 / 10 / 10

Potential - sadly squandered

Someone apparently decided that 'Paranormal Activity' + 'Pulse' + 'The Grudge' = good movie. Sadly in this case the math was way off. There are interesting ideas here but the execution is lacking. Credit where it's due; Sebastian Stan gives an impressively edgy performance and Tom Felton shows there's more to him than Draco Malfoy (it's a shame he isn't given more to do). Ashley Greene... looks pretty in her underwear. In all honesty she wasn't given much to do here - despite ostensibly being the lead. The cinematography is good - and that's about it. What should be a straight-forward plot is jumbled by unnecessary elements and images that seem to be included simply because someone thought they'd 'look cool'. It's not enough to take inspiration from great and/or successful horror movies, you need to understand why they were so great and/or successful - and first-time director (and writer) Todd Lincoln apparently doesn't. The opening five minutes hold promise, but it's downhill from there. I like atmospheric chillers, but this is short on atmosphere and the chills are non-existent. 5/10

Reviewed by cjeisinger 3 / 10 / 10

Worse than I was expecting

The moment I realized this was a bad choice was when the 2 leads have a long conversation about going to Costco to buy a damn cactus. And this is in the first 10 minutes... It was the strangest, most cringe worthy product placement I've ever seen. The rest of the movie is nothing but attractive 20 somethings acting dumb and completely unnatural. Plus it is only PG-13, so don't expect much for gore or nudity. Pretty much a fail on all fronts, avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by osborneangela 3 / 10 / 10

Boring.. Mrs Green makes it OK..

I thought Ashley Green gave a OK performance... the rest was inexpressive and soulless. There were too many holes in the story. At the start I thought it might fun indie science fiction film but ended up being another try hard paranormal activity gone wrong.. boo! Don't bother unless you want to see some really well done hair extensions.

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