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Finola Hughes as JoAnn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ptb-8 10 / 10 / 10

"Farenheit 451: the musical.

Never released in Australia, and we get every terrible film, I am now, in 2007, quivering with delight. My new DVD copy of THE APPLE arrived today and I gleefully shoved it into the player.... and it did not disappoint. More ghastly than I could have wished for, THE APPLE made in 1979 as the monstrously mashed together mix of TOMMY and ROCKY HORROR and PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE and LOGANS RUN and FARENHEIT 451 and HAIR...with CANT STOP THE MUSIC campiness, the XANADU dancers, and ZIGGY STARDUST eyeshadow, frosted wavy hair and lyrics poached from the first 8 bars of quite a few Beatles songs as 'new' songs (as another comment noted: ended up sounding like jingles from deodorant commercials) THE APPLE is a film you must see, the make everyone you know see while you watch their reactions. It is more fantastic to own than ELECTRIC BOOGALOO or LAMBADA or SALSA put together! And I own all those too! THE APPLE is more berserk than all those film mentioned above, ground into fluorescent dust-chalk and blended with glitter and then swallowed... and the result the next day is what I saw on DVD. Made in an unfinished shopping mall in East Germany by mad Israeli mogul Mehaheim Golan from the famed Cannon Films shed, THE APPLE is c colossal collision of Eurovision and a projectile vomit. Read all the other comments, including the media ones... and then realize we are being kind to this film. It is deliciously worse than everything you will read. As Lina Lamont said in Singin in the rain:" I liked it!"... the irony in 2007 being that MGM sold that wonderful musical to Warners and now represent THE APPLE instead.

Reviewed by dougprinz 10 / 10 / 10

hey, hey, hey...BIM's on the way

In this age of putrid merchandised crap like Britney, boybands and AMERICAN IDOL, it's refreshing to see what America would have looked and sounded like in 1994 if a truly fabulous madman like Boogalow was in charge. The look of this film is shiny and bright, it's loud and disturbing, it's sometimes hard to watch...but I'd also hard to look away. All the holographic triangles...the multi-colored hair...the "futuristic" baby strollers, drinking glasses, automobiles...this is the America that we were promised in 1980 and somehow we were sadly deprived of. My favorite sequences are Bibi & Alphie's "rain" duet; Pandi's big "sex" number, Bibi & Pandi's "morning after" duet and of course, Mr. Topps' arrival...I just love how "god" basically tells Boogalow and the audience that the hippies were right...that peace, love and living in caves (without television) is the true road to salvation. I like to describe this movie as LOGAN'S RUN meets HAIR, but it's more like everything good and bad about the 70s all in one big sloppy package. Speaking of packages, could George Gilmour's Alphie have any tighter pants? I'll cast my vote for "Speed" as our new American anthem, screw "Gold Bless the USA"... "Do the BIM!"

Reviewed by jehaccess6 10 / 10 / 10

Glorious Melange Of Bad Taste, Stolen Plot Themes, And Horrible Songs.

This truly horrid film is loaded with entertainment value! I have watched it several times and always find new and inventive aspects to offend and amaze me. Obviously the screenplay liberally steals themes from countless bad films and mixes them with themes from scripture. Who else would consider having surgeons break into a dance number in the middle of an operation? I enjoyed the musical efforts from Catherine Mary Stewart. I was all set to praise her singing talent until I read some external reviews that reveal she merely lip synced her songs. Why am I surprised at that? She does have a fabulous figure here. Those legs are to die for! The scene where Bibi is tempted to sign the contract with Mr. Boogaloo to enjoy the results of show business success made me consider that Catherine Mary Stewart took a bite of the apple in real life to appear in this movie. I doubt that she wishes anyone to remember this film she made in the early stages of her career. I was impressed by the linguistic abilities of Vladek Sheybal. He was obviously fluent in at least four languages. He had a sly expression of delight as he portrayed his over-the-top character, Mr. Boogaloo. I remembered him portraying the heavy in 'Shogun' and 'Red Dawn'. I had no idea he was capable of so much more. I am glad I recently came across this gem from the dark days of Disco. It was truly worth the price of the DVD to see such an appalling piece of crap that nevertheless makes you want to enjoy the guilty pleasure again and again.

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