The Apple Dumpling Gang


Comedy / Family / Western

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April 12, 2019



Bill Bixby as Track Team Coach
Don Knotts as Hollis Alexander Figg
Harry Morgan as Judge Stoddard Bell
Richard Farnsworth as Minor Role
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by daveselove 10 / 10 / 10

A Classic

In some 50 years of movie watching this fits into my short list of classics. Warm-hearted, well acted, and with Knotts and Conway contributing some of the most hilarious scenes ever recorded. Without Knotts and Conway it would have been a pleasant but forgettable movie; they were a genius pairing. Unfortunately the sequel "Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again" released 4 years later wasn't as good and didn't do as well. I think I read that Apple Dumpling Gang was Disney's most profitable movie of the 1970's.

Reviewed by Americancarver 9 / 10 / 10

Wonderful fun for the hole family!

This film is absolutely fabulous and timeless. It is good old slapstick comedy and you do not need to worry about the content of this movie as this is old Disney. My children 7 and 8 really enjoined this movie. They laughed out loud and really got into the story. Don Knots always brings a light and funny air to any movie he has ever done and this movie is no exception. I think my children's favorite part is when the kids go riding down the hill in the old mine cart. Like any western movie there is a bar but the scenes in the bar do not emphasize the drinks so it was not bad in my opinion. This movie is truly a classic. I wish Hollywood would make movies like this again. Simple, clean, and funny with adorable characters. Heart warming as well. This movie was a real joy for my children, my husband and me.

Reviewed by johnstonjames 9 / 10 / 10

A Memorable Family Classic. The Type Of Film That Only Disney Could (or would) Make

i've always enjoyed 'Apple Dumpling Gang' while growing up, but as a adult i've come to respect it as entertainment and really love it as Disney film. the kind that only Disney ever turned out. it has such a identifiable look and feel to it that was always uniquely Disney. Disney films always followed a kind of formula that made them uniform in relation to each other, but set them apart from the rest of Hollywood and filmmaking in general. 'Apple Dumpling Gang' has always been one of my top favorite Disney live action films because it epitomizes the Disney formula so completely while managing to stand on a certain individualism. it delivers completely on the Disney formula as well as offering so much more as a film. first off, in keeping with Disney tradition, it is extremely cute and huggable as well as elicitly wholesome family fare. the film also boast some good historic authenticity as well as a amusing story. it's all enhanced with superior photography and some sturdy direction from Disney stock director Norman Tokar. it also has some of the finest physical comedy ever put on to film. thanks of course to the genius of Don Knotts and Tim Conway's comic timing. their comedy duo carries out a weird feeling of predictability to their antics that is funny in a i-knew-that-would-happen way. i've never quite seen humour this funny where half the gag is the predictability of the results of their ill fated schemes. the kids also get into some pretty funny shenanigans as well. there are also some great bit parts by veteran western actor Slim Pickens, as well as TV favorites Frank Morgan, John McGiver and David Wayne. Pickens especially is hilarious as the gang leader who Conway accidentally has shot the foot off of. this film might not be ground breaking in terms of cinema technique, but it is very memorable as a piece of entertainment. and it's got more cozy heart than most movies as well as providing a certain amount of excitement and suspense. all in all the movie provides great family entertainment as well as great entertainment in general. it also provides very polished filmmaking that is contemporary even today. family films may get bigger than this with more explosions and CGI FX, but they really can't improve upon something like this. it is what it is and it's, it's own unique movie experience. unfortunately Disney doesn't make 'em like this anymore and neither does anybody else. fortunately, however, the Disney legacy has left us enough treasures like this gold nugget to indulge for years.

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