The Argument



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September 27, 2020


Dan Fogler as J.J. Samson
Karan Brar as Kevin Singh
Maggie Q as Yuet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LLgoatJ 7 / 10 / 10

Stick With It but not sure it completely works.

I am not really sure this works as a film. It really is a stage play, an old fashioned farce. The ending reinforces this. The film is about a couple who have a few friends (possibly nearer to work colleagues) round for a mini party and have a minor argument. To decide who is right and wrong they decide to replay the evening over again. Then again and again and again.... Eventually they hire actors to recreate the evening so they can witness it from a distance. It sounds like a great set up but I just didn't think it really was successfully carried out. It does genuinely get funny when they get the actors involved and worth watching alone for that section of the film. Overall though it just felt quite a strange film to watch and that I should be sitting in a theatre watching. I felt it really lost something as a film but can't put my finger on it. It was well acted just not quite right. From the 1970s there was a stage show called Abigail's Party which is along the same lines and was turned into a one off tv show that it reminded me off for not feeling right. Overall I would give it a go and stick with it as once the actors get involved it is genuinely funny.

Reviewed by mixta-43532 6 / 10 / 10

Smart and witty and laugh out loud funny as it progresses

Smart & funny, great ensemble cast. Disagree with those who say it starts too slow. It paces as it should, starting reasonably normal and accelerating into zaniness, with a nice minor twist near the end. Enjoyed it enough to watch it again, a rarity!

Reviewed by smoratti 6 / 10 / 10

Repetition spoils a promising idea.

The plot is one that has occured to all fighting couples - how do you prove who is right after the fact? The problem for the film is this involves going over the same dialogue many times leading to fatigue and a suspension of disbelief that anyones friends would put up with this. A game try and some good scenes - would make a good short film rather than a feature length one.

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