The Arrangement


Drama / Romance

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Deborah Kerr as Florence Anderson
Faye Dunaway as Gwen
Kirk Douglas as Det. James McLeod
Maureen McCormick as Zephyr Commercial
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nfaust1 8 / 10 / 10

An admirable failure.

Not classic Kazan, for sure, but not a total failure either. Was lucky enough to see the film in Paris a few years ago on the big screen. Was struck by Kazan's attempt to break free from the well made play structure he'd so successfully mined in the past. The linear story, though, won out, making the film uneven and stylistically self conscience. But even so, what a marvelous failure. Kirk Douglas, in Kazan's opinion may not have filled Brando's shoes, but, my god, he tried. Dramatically speaking, the film is exploring a state of mind; the character played my Douglas remains, for the most part, in a very static position throughout. Douglas never allows the stain of self pity to disfigure his action. Sitting still, thinking, we see in Douglas a man pulsating with anger, remorse, and the need to act. It's a valiant and satisfying performance even though, like the film itself, we're more aware of what it's reaching for than what it actually holds. The performance, though, that really struck me as being brave and bold is the one given by Deborah Kerr. She's the wife, and she has a lengthy scene late in the film where she and Douglas stray into the intimate area of their married life. Sexually frank and mature, the scene alone is worth the entire film. These two characters discuss intimacy, and then act on it, in a way I've never seen in a film. Kerr was one of the most adventurous actresses of her day; a truly great talent. She gives Kazan the raw, unguarded kind of performance one usually associates with Liv Ullman in her Bergman films.

Reviewed by secondtake 10 / 10 / 10

Too brilliant and personal and meaningful to ignore

The Arrangement (1969) You might say this movie is about a very successful man coming to realize his success means nothing in the big picture and all he wants is time to be himself, to enjoy life simply. Or you might say this is a movie about a man cheating on his wife with a younger woman and all the fallout that goes with that. Or you might say this is a psychoanalytical dive inward to a man realizing he was ruined by his parents and trapped by his wife, and he descent into introspection makes him go almost mad, and then mad. And he likes it that way. You might even say this is an exercise in narrative storytelling, with a virtuosic layering and intercutting of all these elements into a single highly complex tale. Kirk Douglas is the lynchpin to all of this, and The Arrangement, a masterpiece if there ever was one, is the merging of art-house cinema with mainstream Hollywood. Except that there was no real art-house movie scene in 1969. This film pushes the boundaries as hard as they could be and still survive at all as a mainstream release. Director Elia Kazan is certainly one of the greats of the era (Scorsese agrees here) and he went out on a limb with editor Stefan Arnsten to make something utterly unique. There are foreshadowings of Woody Allen (though without humor) and Six Feet Under (in the kind of surrealism created by editing and the changing presence of people in a single scene). The plot is also intensely personal. Kazan, born in Istanbul and brought to American when he was four, was the son of Greek immigrants and his father was actually a rug merchant. And Kazan was apparently having an affair at the time of the shooting (he remarried in 1969 and later had a child). The screenplay is Kazan's and it's based a 1967 novel, also by Kazan. So if this is a deeply felt movie about a man having a mid-life crisis, it's understandable. Is it overwrought and self-indulgent? It has that potential for viewers who don't connect with the style or the characters, but for me it was too honest and well made to brush off. I got sucked in and was mesmerized by the swirling, teetering effects that never let you get confused or out of control.

Reviewed by dataconflossmoor 10 / 10 / 10

A depiction of affluent suburbia being dominated by doubts

The main character Eddie Anderson (Kirk Douglas) attains the American dream and is torn asunder by a mid-life crisis which he drags everyone he knows into...He seeks refuge by way of his mistress Gwen (Faye Dunaway)....attempting to remember a relationship with a woman being that of love and mutual respect....As their relationship lingers, it gravitates into anonymous sordid sexual encounter, no matter how hard both of them try to change this...The fact that they are between a rock and a hard place only intensifies their apprehensions and their fragile paranoia...His wife Florence Anderson (Deborah Kerr) realizes that their marriage is not going in the right direction, but she categorizes everything as being irrational whether it is or it is not..She is perceived by all as being the perfect housewife, but Eddie knows better and she resents him for this.....She cannot give of herself emotionally because her perception of marriage is one whereby the husband and wife share bank accounts but not their primal fears!!! In an attempt to make some sense of his life, Eddie tries to get closer to his father...His father is embittered and disgruntled with the monumental disappointments in his life, and he spends his final days trying to plea his son Eddie to offer him excuses...Eddie does not do this, and finally, Eddie's father passes away with Eddie knowing no more about him than he ever did...All he could feel for his father is recrimination and pity.....This compelling film points out an aspect of human behavior that most films fail to do....that is the human element of non-change....All of the characters in this movie are stalemated by despondence and arctic desolation....The acting the director ELIA KAZAN/ON THE WATERFRONT, AND THE PROLIFIC AND BITTERLY CANDID STORYLINE ALL A PERFECT 10...THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FILMS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!

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