The Astronaut of God



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NaturalBlood 4 / 10 / 10

God is annoyed that He has to listen to speech synthesis for 70 minutes.

The idea that God is 'up there' above the clouds or in some nebulous region of space pulling the strings is absurd. To be fair, the film does eventually get beyond 'God on a cloud' approach. But the decision to use speech synthesis is disastrous, making the narrator sound mentally deficient and idiotic in his profundities. Listening to a book via TTS becomes tiresome after 5 min, listening to this film for 70 min is unbearable. After sitting through the computer-generated "I'm OK". "What the hell", "Damn it", I had a great desire to see Tarkovsky's Solaris, which does a better job dealing with the angst of "Who am I?" in space. In answer to Octavian Repede: the Creator and His creation are one. The renaissance philosopher Giordano Bruno was convinced that the entire universe was held together by erotic love. Love in all its variations ruled the world, from physical nature to the metaphysical heavens, from sexuality to heartfelt love of the mystics: it led either to the animals (sexuality), or to the intelligible, and is then called the divine.

Reviewed by Alex-Makabrys 7 / 10 / 10

I quit after 15 min of watching

After 15 min I quit , couldn't watch more , the narrator is like a google translate voice - I couldn't stand it ! , same shoots over and over - I've seen moves made by students better then this one ! - sorry but try again

Reviewed by chitoiu_mihai 7 / 10 / 10

Romanians can always get great results with little resources

The idea of this film is simple: for some people, the search for god will never end, and the more they look, the more fanatic they get. Bad acting, bad Physics, bad effects and a few English mistakes aside, the movie was quite good! If you take this script and get a big budget movie, with Brad Pitt in the main role, you would probably see Oscars pooring.

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