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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hte-trasme 7 / 10 / 10

On the right page

As far as I can discern, the George Burns and Gracie Allen film shorts had a very simple formula" get George and Gracie to meet in some situation or other, and let them exchange jokes for ten minutes. With their good material, likable characters, and great timing, the was a formula that, simplistic as it might have been, delivered laughs. Here this is adjusted ever so slightly as we get the chance to demystify Gracie's parents, who don't leave it entirely baffling how such a dizzy child could have been born. I get the feeling that a lot of their early film material was taken from their vaudeville act, and this short does feel very stagy, though not by any means in a very bad way. In fact, the joke of Gracie's getting all bundled up to go to work just next store is accomplished by panning the camera across the border of what could easily have been a theatre set. Interestingly, a similar concept became the trademark of the team's classic TV series two decades later. Once we get to the conversation between George and Gracie in the bookstore where she works, the jokes don't all seem to be their best material (for instance, the sand being in the book about the desert doesn't really seem to be based on anything and so isn't very funny. Nonetheless, there are some very funny lines and bits of Gracie's trademarked illogic-logic to make this a very entertaining ten minutes.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10 / 10

Pretty typical of their shorts.

I've seen several of Burns & Allen's shorts that they made in the 1930s and there is a certain sameness about them. George enters some place and meets Gracie...and then she just goes and goes and goes as George plays the straight man. This is NOT a criticism, their act was quite good, but more to let you know that there are no huge surprises here...just classic Burns & Allen. In this case, Gracie works for her family's bookstore and George comes in to buy a book. Gracie acts dumb...and George just stands there and enjoys the crazy ride. Overall, not bad not great...just very much the norm for this it or not.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 7 / 10 / 10

Poor mother doesn't get any billing.

The cast list here only has 4 people. Burns and Allen, Donald Meek and Chester Clute, but an additional to mother there's also a taxi driver and a male sales clerk who sells Chester Clute a bunch of mystery novels that he promises has at least 20 murders on every page. Then Burns comes in and gets Gracie, who had just put on her hat and coat and grabbed an umbrella to walk through a curtain to go into the book store where she works. then, she calls her mother let her know that she is just got into work okay. The wackiness starts there and continues with Gracie trying to sell Burns some classic books with hysterical descriptions, some with some very funny sight gags. There's very little sensability in some of the way the gags are presented, but you can't help but laugh at the zaniness of the whole thing. Veteran character actor Donald Meek is very funny as Gracie's equally daffy father. At just under 10 minutes, this has more than 20 laughs per minute, and it's fun to walk into this alternate universe where everybody seems to be like a character stuck in Gracie's mind. Some of the comedy is a bit dated and some audiences will roll their eyes or grown, but I think the majority of the people who watch this will find it a delight from start to finish.

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