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Amy Carlson as Nuan / Cha / Cow
James Cromwell as Farmer Arthur Hoggett
John Goodman as Rodney
Kelly McGillis as Claire Ruth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 5 / 10 / 10

This Went Too Far The Other Way

This is what modern-day Hollywood does to most icons, to most of our "heroes." It, generally speaking, trashes them, emphasizing the bad in their lives over the good. While the 1948 Babe Ruth Story way over-sugarcoated Ruth's story, this new version portrays this sports hero - perhaps the most famous sports personality in American history - to the other extreme, of course. Why can't Hollywood just be neutral on these biographies? Show the good and bad, but be fair about it. If you read about Babe Ruth, it's astonishing to find out just how big a celebrity he was in his lifetime: literally bigger-than-life, and the fact so many people know his name and face over 90 years after he started playing Major League Baseball is a testimony to that. Much of what Ruth did was good stuff, especially with kids and charities, but he also had a crude, rough side to him and a life that had more than its share of sufferings. He was, indeed, and complex and fascinating human being. One thing that is outright lie: the plot line as written on the title page here saying ' {Babe) is unheroic to those who know him." No, all the old players said for years afterward how much they all liked Ruth, what a great guy he was and generous to a fault." Ruth's bad points should be pointed out, but this movie dwells too much on the unpleasant scenes which is probably one good reason why it wasn't a hit movie. Hollywood just doesn't get it: people don't want mostly negative stuff, especially about their heroes. Anyway, John Goodman did a fine job of playing Ruth. He didn't write the script, so I am not upset with him. Kelli McGillis is a pretty woman and also adds nicely to the film as Ruth's strong wife, "Clare." Also, the movie is still interesting, especially if you're a baseball fan. But, as a big fan, I would like to have enjoyed this movie and bought the VHS (now DVD) and viewed it many times .....but it's not fun to watch.

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 3 / 10 / 10

The Babe 1992, I'm stunned to see it rated so low!

OK you lot, just what is wrong with this film? I know I'm a limey mofo so my baseball appreciation is not on a par with many Americans, I mean I follow the Cleveland Indians purely because of the film Major League {oh and because a dear friend on this site is a fan}. Was the film inaccurate or something? A quick look at the film's board would suggest that all the glorious moments in the film are true, John Goodman is great and seems to fit the bill, and for once Kelly McGillis doesn't drag a film down, I just watched this and I feel suitably stirred in a real good way. Did the Yank crowd really turn on him and he then went on to hit 60? The two home run promise to the sick child? Knocking the ball out of Forbes Park 3 times and then quitting? Calling the shot after letting two go by to clinch the world series against the Cubs? Those are just some of the glorious moments in a film that portrays what obviously was a legend on the pitch and a messed up man off it. I really enjoyed it and I'm that interested in the man now I may well seek out a biography to read. 8/10 and the rating here is a disgrace in my humble opinion. That is unless I'm not privy to something of course?!

Reviewed by fridgeperry72 3 / 10 / 10

Storyline breakups and a 300 LB Babe?

The 2 biggest complaints I had were the sequence of events in the movie and the character that Mr. Goodman portrayed. It seemed that the movie attempted to show all events which dealt with Babe Ruth's life. Most actually seemed accurate, but the positioning of each event was off. For example, if Babe was so much against divorcing his first wife, why did he go ahead and marry Claire while still being married? The fact is, that he did not marry Claire until his first wife tragically died. This is not portrayed this way in the movie. Also, the movie suggested that Babe met claire as a rookie in Boston. He met Claire in New York in 1923. Does anyone actually think that Babe Ruth would have continued playing for the Yankees if he dangled his manager (his boss) off a moving train??? As for the acting. Babe Ruth NEVER approached the weight displayed by Mr. Goodman. Babe hovered around 200-210 for the most part of his career although his weight did fluctuate. It was a truly sick thing trying to watch Mr. Goodman swing or run around the bases. The guy could barely fit into a uniform. I did think that Mr. Goodman really did well in his facial expressions, speech and overall demeanor of the Babe. It was the physical acting that was left to be desired. I would have liked the movie to concentrate more on Babe's lifestyle off the field. His womanizing (not enough in this movie), his appetite (not enough in this movie), and the fact he just was a social boob (i.e. couldn't remember names, had no manners). His on the field statistics speak for themselves.

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