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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Screaming_egg 7 / 10 / 10

A cross between a comedy & a thriller

Movie is a hilarious wanna be thriller that couldn't decide if it wants to make us laugh or anticipate how the story will evolve! The movie tries to be serious at some point but fails gloriously! Overall, good choice for a non-sense night!

Reviewed by seochikyo 8 / 10 / 10

Thoroughly Mediocre

This movie was okay. The first 1/3rd of the movie was very well done. There's confusion about why the characters are in the situation that they're in, and the acting is done well enough that that feeling is conveyed to the viewer. The second 1/3rd of the movie starts to get pretty predictable. It becomes obvious that they're being quarantined and it starts to become a movie about human nature and how people react when it comes to survival. It still was enjoyable, it just took a very predictable turn. The last 1/3rd of the movie was pretty unforgivable. None of the characters acted rationally. Why did Trini kill herself instead of just waiting to see if the disease would actually make her sick, when she decided that she wouldn't take one of vaccines, of which NONE of them were sure would actually work? And when none of the characters exhibited any signs of sickness despite being trapped in there for hours? Why did the crazy homeless drunk guy follow them into the sewer when he had already injected himself with the supposed vaccine, when the reason they were all going down there was because Elena said "you have to come down here if you want the vaccine"? Why did the crazy homeless drunk guy want to kill them all when it was only Nacho who tried to steal the gun he was holding? Why did Elena and Nacho carry their vaccines around with them the whole time, instead of just injecting them into themselves immediately when they found them? Was it only to set up for the scene where Elena drops hers as they're about to escape on the ladder? Causing Nacho to be the hero by giving Elena his vaccine before he fell? Why did Elena and Nacho run past the crazy homeless dude, WHILE HE HAD HIS BACK TO THEM, when his only weapon was a steel pipe? Could they not have just tackled him into the water and overpowered him, taking away his only weapon in the form of a pipe? Nacho has at least 30 pounds on that dude ... Anyway, the premise was good if not overdone. The execution just failed in the latter half of the movie in my opinion. It was still enjoyable though, I just don't think I'll ever watch it again.

Reviewed by ashlyn-m-gehrett 8 / 10 / 10

Brutal yet Humorous Psychological Thriller

I'll preface this by saying this is probably not a film for everyone, but I greatly enjoyed it. The essential plot idea is there are several strangers in a bar in Madrid when a shooting happens right outside the door, and they find themselves trapped together for reasons I won't spoil. What follows is a tense psychological thriller about human nature, and a what-would- you-do-if-it-happened-to-you type of story line. It's written well, with moments of humor that land incredibly well without breaking the line of suspense being pulled tighter and tighter as the story goes on. It's definitely brutal at times, make no mistake there, but I was caught up in it and along for the ride to the very end.

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