The Battle of Jangsari


Action / Drama / War

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February 1, 2020


George Eads as General Stevens
Megan Fox as Samantha O'Hara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hedgehog-85173 1 / 10 / 10

Korean films were good..This Film is appalingly bad cinema and is propaganda at its best!

Generally Koreans films were (past tense) good. But the collaboration with Hollywood has been detrimental. Case in point one of the most absurd bit of South Korean,American propaganda..The Battle of Jangsari !! 1. They did not use Bell UH-1 Iroquois in the Korean war that Helicopter shown in the film was introduced in 1959. The Korean war ended in 1953. 2. The hero in the film originally fled from the north to the South, joined the Army because his family was killed. He was motivated by revenge for the bombing of his family on the way to the South. Only thing is the North did not have much of an air force and had no bombers. It was the Americans that killed his family obviously!

Reviewed by ops-52535 8 / 10 / 10


Its the korean war spun out in the story of the battle of jangsari-beach. its a bittersweet film with extremely lots of death and misery, and droppings of sentimentalia and heart grieving emotions of angst and fear. its a classic war movie, made the korean way and style, there are the usual problem differing a south from a north soldier especially in the dark surroundings takes, but all the killings do give some clues which side youre on. the warbattles are a ravaging kill a kill nonstop, some vfx and cgi are used especially in the naval shoots, and some are good and some not that good. in the end it feels like these men and woman where the forgotten soldiers and left there because the un-forces were far too toothless and badly organized at that front. if youre keen on war history its a film must see, it felt like a hammerblow to me, therefore recommended

Reviewed by bocconcinofrancesca 8 / 10 / 10


I admit it, I wanted to watch this movie only for George Eads. I like a lot of war movies, though, and this was no different. Apart from learning of a battle I did not know about, I liked how they handled the characterization. The protagonists are kids, and it shows. They are young, they are scared, and they are desperate to survive. The actors make a really good job at delivering emotions and overall the battle is basically a background to the show of very human emotions. Watching it in two different languages (Korean and English), I thought I may get distracted a lot and get bored. I did not, because of what I said above. I wish this movie may have bren shown in Italian theaters, but I guess it's not overly famous. A pity, I say.

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