The Beauty Inside


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ebossert 8 / 10 / 10

Solid romance with an odd premise

Note: Check me out as the "Asian Movie Enthusiast" on YouTube, where I review tons of Asian movies. A man's spirit generates a different human body everyday when he wakes up, but he finds himself in a major dilemma when he falls in love with a beautiful woman. It's easy to invest oneself in the protagonist's difficult situation, but the female lead (played by the excellent Hyo-joo Han) is given just as much (if not more) attention in terms of character development. This really taps into the difficulties of dating someone whose appearance changes completely on a daily basis. There's some very good, everyday humor as well – which makes this film more pleasant than one might think. The bizarre premise allows for a number of different actors and actresses to contribute. Melodramaticism is tempered nicely, with a tone that is very realistic and romantic. The previous IMDb reviewer complained that more ground was not covered by the film, but I felt that the script benefited from maintaining a focus on the relationship between the two main characters - and how the man's "condition" affects that relationship. A few other internet reviewers complained that social issues were left unaddressed, but I can only imagine how unbearably preachy that tactic would get. This is based on an American television mini-series.

Reviewed by stevepat99 9 / 10 / 10

Quirky, unique must-see Rom-Dram

First off, consider that aside from these scant reviews the film has a very respectable 7.1 rating from 659 viewers. I've been hooked on K-dramas for some time. I took a shot at this feature film due to the story line. Aside: There is a 2012 USA TV mini series that garnered an 8.4 rating. Just viewed the series which has six episodes, some 4 minutes long, so that the total run time is only about 30 minutes. I feel this feature film version is far superior to the mini-series. I so enjoyed most all aspects of the film that I immediately watched it a second time. Interestingly there is no single male lead actor. The female lead, Yi Soon, was spot on perfect. The hook: How can any relationship get off the ground, let alone succeed, when the guy Yi Soon meets will look like a virtual stranger (man/old man/young woman/old woman/child/handsome/ beautiful/ ugly) every day. I love how the film tackles Woo Jin's (male lead)logistical challenges i.e. different shoe sizes, eyesight good to awful, clothes, hair, make-up etc. etc. Very good screenplay which rises to the challenges. Can Yi Soon love a guy who will be and old women tomorrow? Comic relief arrives when Yi Soo is faced with Woo Jin as a ten year old and what the two spend the day together. Another great scene where Yi Soo attends an important evening office event and all are anxious to see her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Woo Jin awoke that AM as a grand mother! Fun to see where this goes. The ending was a surprise that worked well on a couple of levels. Tender love between a beautiful woman and her extraordinary, talented. boyfriend. Go with the overall VERY HIGH rating. Most of you will be glad you did.

Reviewed by heniekb 9 / 10 / 10

What's the beauty?

First of all I understand some negative reviews. Indeed many possibilities are disregarded but this is not the message of this film. The movie primarily focus on a relationship or a possible relationship with someone who every day physically is a different person. Is it possible? Is the way we look so important to us? I like how by the end the movie shifts perspective. This is very typical to Korean cinema so I wasn't that surprised. There are always at least two versions of the same story and we get a chance to see them both. It is also one of the very few movies where adding the voice over/narrator makes a perfect sense. Simply because we get used to the sound of his voice so we get at least one chance to be familiar with the protagonist. Something that the main heroine will never get.

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