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Reviewed by GL84 7 / 10 / 10

A great guilty pleasure with a couple good ideas

Years after his wife's death, a New York psychologist hears about a case of a ritualistic crime spree ravaging the city and realizes his son is the target of a vicious cult's intentions of offering children to a primitive God and race against time to stop the ritual before it's completed. While not exactly terrible, this one wasn't that great either. What really works best here is when it manages to incorporate the supernatural elements with all rituals brought in, then it really begins to become interesting. These are quite enjoyable, from the early one found in the park where only the after-effects of the ceremony can be seen which looks incredibly brutal and actually quite creepy- looking had it been officially offered on camera, the various performances and general air of mystery surrounding each of the ceremonies that are showcased throughout here and a main one where the heroes are gathered for a protection ceremony that is quite chilling for its realistic feeling. The later ones are also entertaining in their own right since this picks up considerably in the last half, where it contains a little more action and features the climactic confrontation in a large, multi-level warehouse of twisting steel and metal that looks quite frightening based on the previous supernatural events issued previously. The actual events are quite exciting, with a chilling ritual and the ensuing chase and the conclusion to it all culminates in some suspenseful moments. The set-up, which is a long and quite innovative chase through an apartment complex into a neighboring boathouse is quite fun, with the main participant being in a drugged state at the time is exciting. Alongside some quite nice deaths in here as well, these here are it's best features while it did have some wrong sides as well. The biggest one is the film's really haphazard plot which spends a ton of time early on forging a family relationship that severely drags the film out. These are just pointless interludes that show the family relationship as being quite dysfunctional mean quite little to the fact that there's much more to that. It's quite an adventure to get through them all, as they all eventually end with the same results, and they don't change any perceptions of anything at all of how the plot's going to change with the son being upset over the new relationship or the needless time spent tracking down the ritualistic expert. The only other thing that might not work is that this one features a little extreme nature for something that doesn't appear to be. The fact that this one contains a really extreme subject matter with the plot about child sacrifice. This might not appeal to a lot as being something worthwhile, and this can be something to get around while viewing. Otherwise, these are its problems. Rated R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Brief Full Nudity, children-in-danger and after-effects of animal ritual violence.

Reviewed by Predrag 10 / 10 / 10

'They Got My Shield!'

This is that rare thing, a genuinely scary contemporary American horror thriller film. Psychologist (Martin Sheen) loses his wife in a tragic accident, later he and his son move to a new location. The gruesome murders of young boys are discovered by authorities (Martin Sheen) is called in when at one of the murder scenes a young very distraught latino cop (Jimmy Smits) is found rambling and praying in Spanish it is learned that something he knows is scaring him and making him fear for his life after discovering that the murdered boys were sacrifices used by a murderous demonic voodoo cult. Although a thriller, and a disturbing one at that, this is also a meditation on how people who are searching or in need of something outside of their regular lives, can be easily sucked into dangerous ideology. It can be terrorism, racism, or anarchism; here, it is a religious cult. This film takes the viewer into the mysterious world of "Santeria", which is a rich and colorful religion that is a blend of Afro-Cuban Religion combined with traditional Catholic religious beliefs. Many of the Catholic European saints are matched with native animals or values. The religion is fascinating though the film is for the most part drama, it is without question a Primer on the subject. The ending is improbable, to say the least, but if you're interested in a movie with a lot of twists and turns, this one is fun to watch. Be warned, however, that its basic premise is flawed, and the film casts a serious and unwarranted slur on the religion of Santería. Overall rating: 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by [emailprotected] 10 / 10 / 10

Slaughter of Innocence

Although a thriller, and a disturbing one at that, this is also a meditation on how people who are searching or in need of something outside of their regular lives, can be easily sucked into dangerous ideology. It can be terrorism, racism, or anarchism; here, it is a religious cult. Robert Loggia and Martin Sheen are a Police Lieuetenant and a Psychotherapist, respectively, who investigate when an NYPD detective goes off the rails after finding the body of an eight year old boy on a sacrificial altar. The deeper they go, the more personal it gets, until Sheen's own eight year old son, played by Harley Cross, is caught up in the affair.

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