The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas


Comedy / Musical

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Barry Corbin as Harv
Burt Reynolds as Charlie
Dolly Parton as Mona Stangley
Paula Shaw as Pippa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dimplet 9 / 10 / 10

Hello, Dolly!!!

5.3? The problem, I suspect, with this movie is that the wrong people are watching it, and the right aren't. Let's see, who does this movie offend? Christian fundamentalists, politicians and Texans. I don't know how many of the former are watching it and then rating it (perhaps they just rate first, watch later), but it looks like some Texans don't have a sense of humor. And then there are Burt Reynolds fans who might be shocked to find this is not a typical Burt Reynolds movie, and hate it. But folks who aren't Burt Reynolds fans will probably enjoy it. Reynolds' excellent acting is natural, understated, and properly nuanced to the scenes. I think Reynolds and Parton are very well cast together and have real chemistry. As to Dolly Parton, who knows? All I know is you don't have to be a Dolly Parton country music fan to love this movie. My estimation of Ms. Parton went up enormously after first seeing this movie. She is one smart lady and a fine actress. So, to add it up, if you are not from Texas, not a Bible-thumper, not a politician, not a Burt Reynolds fan and not a Dolly Parton fan, you should definitely watch The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Oh, and folks expecting porn are going to be disappointed, though there is the briefest of cameos by none other than Kay Parker, dressed. Don't blink. Too bad she didn't get a speaking part. This lady can actually act! I saw her reciting Shakespeare, for some reason I can't recall, in one of her movies, and she was real good. Watch this movie because it is laugh out loud funny. You need to watch closely at the details because the scenes are beautifully crafted. Watch the one of Dom DeLuise getting dressed in front of Reynolds before going on air. It is hilarious, especially the sock. But the most memorable scene is of "Governor" Charles Durning doing his "Sidestep" number. It is a masterpiece. It is easy to forget this is a musical, perhaps because the storyline is so strong it could survive as a movie without music. But a musical it is, in the tradition of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Oklahoma! with its masculine cowboy acrobatics dancing, though with an 80s twist, given the locker room dance number. Thats what makes this movie great: It takes the concept of the musical comedy and brings it out of the Fifties and into the Eighties in a way that is still relevant and pretty outrageous today because of its swipe at hypocrisy. Did I say swipe? Perhaps dagger thrust or kick in the face to hypocrisy would be more accurate. In this regard, The Best Little Whorehouse is hardly subtle. So perhaps I should add to the list of people who will not like this movie, hypocrites. For them, there is "Hello, Dolly!"

Reviewed by TownRootGuy 6 / 10 / 10

No surprise Texans know how to do ranchin' right!

If you have problems sitting because there's a giant stick up your butt, you probably won't like this movie. Otherwise, it should have something to appeal to just about everybody else. It has good eye candy, good naked eye candy, an amazing cast, great tunes AND there is definitely some dirty humor going on. This is a must see for all but the most uptight. It's a great flick and I can watch it every 2 - 3 years.

Reviewed by Benedito Dias Rodrigues 6 / 10 / 10

The Whorehouse that pay taxes...come on!!

Here you have two situation completely different to judge,one hand you have the movie other hand you have a proper Whorehouse called Chiken Ranch which actually existed in the past and and we knows how it worked in those days....but let's forget the past and talk about the movie...even having a fine musical numbers with beauty and sexiest girls and a fine performance of Dom DeLouise as sensationalist guy who play dirty to get high audience to your TV show and also the main cast Reynold and Parton has a good performance,despite this the end is very a single revenge to hypocrite Melvin who end up winning the glory...however the movie is really funny...but claimed that the Whorehouse pay taxes is too much!! Resume: First watch: 1988 / How many: 3 / Source: TV-DVD / Rating: 6.75

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