The Beyond

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David Bailie as Jacob
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by masterquack 9 / 10 / 10

Well worth watching

Really liked the concept and style of the movie. This is not an over-acted "Hollywood style" blockbuster film, but a well thought out and interesting movie. This is hard science fiction, not science fantasy. If you are looking for lots of fast action and explosions then this is not for you. If you want a film that actually makes you think about what is possible , then sit back and enjoy.

Reviewed by robinssa-98507 7 / 10 / 10

At least grammar check your script

Lots of potential wasted here. There are neat cgi and cyber-human tech but the writing is ploddingly dull and inept. I was constantly being snapped out of suspension-of-disbelief by words used incorrectly, either miswritten or not picked up by the director editor. Mysteries are perplexing, not complexing. Things that live forever are immortal, not mortal. You rose through the rank, you didn't 'rised'. And everyone is so faux detached and pseudoscientific. Little or no emotional connection to or from anybody. Dull as a congressional hearing.

Reviewed by dj_pike 7 / 10 / 10

NOT a film for those who need intense action

I found the film to be very interesting despite having flaws and a pretty slow pace. If you are someone who needs constant action and drama, then this film is probably not for you. I'm not the type of person who typically cares as much for the more artistic visual side of a film (as it's usually more about the plot for me)...but I will say that it seems the visuals were done by some pretty talented people. I'm assuming it's pretty low budget so a great job was done in that department. The acting was also pretty decent too...not amazing but definitely decent with the dialogue they had to work with. Overall the film isn't going to blow anyone's mind, but if you don't have A.D.D. and can handle a slower pace you might just be intrigued by the mystery presented in this film.

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