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Reviewed by bigcmacko 9 / 10 / 10

Got to keep it

The plot has a bunch of holes in it, the story isn't coherent at times and the whole film isn't realistic at all. With all that said it's a pretty funny film. If your into urban comedy and you are up to speed with some of the social media comedians on top right now, this film is for you and is destined to be a cult classic. Boone leads the way and carries the film through its faults with numerous funny lines and memorable scenes. The guest apperances by social media stars like A-Town and HaHa Davis are great additions and deliver scenes that made these guys internet famous. Please don't watch if you are going to be exclusively a film critic searching for all the nuances of film making but if you have a down night and wish to grab a drink or partake in your favorite recreational activity, then this is a good movie to have some laughs. 6.5 - 7 stars for me because the film gives you what it advertises. It may not be on the level of some of the great comedies in film history but if this is in your area of entertainment, you will definitely be cracking up at Boone and Rich's antics.

Reviewed by jfkjr-22978 9 / 10 / 10


Marquis Boone carries the movie, like Chris Tucker in Money Talks. Everything he does is hilarious.

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