The Big Ask


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cameronkeys-996-768231 10 / 10 / 10

Poor Heavyzine

Heavyzine, I saw this film at the Seattle International Film Festival with an enthusiastic crowd of three hundred attendees. It is clear from your review that you haven't seen it all, and are instead using this forum to vent a very particular personal prejudice. Normally I wouldn't bother with a post like yours, they are legion on the internet, the product of disturbed, jealous, damaged people. But in this case you're attacking a really well thought, well made film. One that you would actually enjoy if you saw it. And people need to see it so we can have more like it, and so the producer and director and writer can be rewarded for their hard work. If you imagine there is a trace of misogyny in "The Big Ask." You should've been at SIFF. You could've seen the actors and actresses praise the film, and you would heard the audience go wild because we knew we'd all just discovered something really good. That's what film festivals are all about! Please, everybody reading this, support your local festivals! And Heavyzine, just go watch the damn thing. Okay? It's heartfelt, it's sensitive, it pretty sexy, and it's funny as hell. You'll like it. It's good.

Reviewed by jacob-j-online 6 / 10 / 10

Solid, but misunderstood film

It is scary that someone saw this and billed it as a dark comedy. I assume that was someone from a marketing department. *** SPOILERS AHEAD *** Since I don't see any reviews that touch on what I saw as the central point of the movie, I thought I should add a review for those who want to know what the point of this movie is. This movie is exploring the horror of infidelity through the use of metaphor. It sets up the viewer to compare two events: (1) the Big Ask (Andrew's wildly inappropriate request) and the adultery of his wife Hannah with his friend Owen and (2) the stealing of the neighbor's dog vs. the murder of the same dog by the crazy woman. In both comparisons, Andrews character is portrayed as doing something awful, selfish, and unconscionable. But then the comparison causes us to reflect on it in a new way. Hannah's infidelity is just like Andrew's Big Ask but without the class and honesty(!) (Notice that Hannah reveals her infidelity at a key moment which draws out the comparison with Andrew's Big Ask.) The terribleness of the Big Ask allows us to see how outrageous and unconscionable infidelity really is. At the beginning of the film, his friend asks Andrew if he understands how messed up it is to ask to have sex with his friends' wives. Andrew says he understands, but doesn't care. That is infidelity. I think the dog serves as a second metaphor for infidelity. He steals the neighbors dog and moves in with in it because he wanted the dog. The neighbors assumes the dog is dead when it doesn't come back. Later a crazy lady stabs the dog to death. The killing is viewed by everyone as much more horrific than stealing the dog. But to the neighbor, what is the difference? The dog was gone either way, assumed dead or actually dead. This is how families are left in the wake of infidelity, without their wife or husband, mother or father. The Big Ask invites us to consider the true infidelity. This is not a dark comedy and certainly not a product of "rape culture." If you are ready to soak it in and think on it, this movie has a lot to offer.

Reviewed by Moviegoer19 6 / 10 / 10

Different, Frustrating, Engrossing

OK, the three adjectives above are the first three that come to mind when thinking about describing this film. Another one is "surprising" because I was expecting a comedy. Optimum on Demand describes it as a dark comedy and lists it under comedy in its genre lists. Actually, this is not only surprising, it's horrifying, to think that anyone would categorize this film as a comedy. At least IMDb adds "drama" to it. Granted it has its comedic moments, that one might think of as "droll" or "dark humor" but overall it's a film that takes on some heavy issues, and its main character is going through some deep stuff with intense feelings, including pain and suffering. The people out there who may think how he responds to his dilemmas as humorous, well, I hope I never meet them, because I know I will hate them. Anyway, I did not hate this movie. In fact, by the end I liked it much more than I thought I would. And, I think it's worth a second viewing because it's the kind of film in which one might miss stuff the first go around.

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