The Big Fat Lie



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fetus_milkshake 1 / 10 / 10

if vegans made clever propaganda

Hi i'm vegan which means i'm better than you. you should be vegan too. then we can impose our will on the meat-ies. please pay no attention to my leather clothes, shoes, car seats, etc etc etc, or the fact that plants are living things as well. trust me, just eat plants! only plants! and do not expect to be left alone until you give in and only eat plants!

Reviewed by wayne-09107 / 10

Brings up interesting questions about food and health industries

This relatively low budget documentary explores the scenario during and after the writer experiences a heart attack; and the standard medical procedures offered subsequently. The writer steps out of the 'treadmill' of the system when he queries medical professionals that tell him there is no cure, and eventually things will just get worse. He starts questioning the system, the government departments and the food industry that are suppose to have the public's best interest at heart. For those 'businesses' building the treadmills, they are reluctant or evasive in their well worded responses. The most frightening thing about this story is the denial of scientific evidence from food industries, and the interested parties, and the fact that these big players simply ignore calls to answer questions by one man - about health. A documentary ultimately doesn't tell you what you should and shouldn't do, but subtlety gives you the information (and blocking of information) for you to make up your own mind. More questions need to be asked; but these questions NEED to be answered.

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