The Blonde One


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by murraybuesst 9 / 10 / 10

Stunning filmmaking and a superb cast

I saw this film at the BFI Flare LGBTQ+ festival earlier today and was blown away. Quite simply, it is superb filmmaking at the very highest level, with extraordinarily subtle performances from the two leads. Director Marco Berger presents the story of a love affair in a series of uninflected, mostly static shots, letting the camera linger on characters' faces as they register attraction, desire, frustration, jealousy and love. In less skilled hands it could easily be boring or pretentious, but instead it's riveting ... and at times achingly painful. Both lead actors - Gastón Re playing Gabriel and Alfonso Barón as Juan - are outstanding, as it the girl playing Gabriel's daughter. Gastón Re, in particular, deserves to win multiple awards for his beautifully judged performance. Largely wordless, he brings to life the inner life of the shy, yearning Gabriel so fully that I felt I'd known him for years. If you were affected by Brokeback Mountain or God's Own Country then you will surely appreciate this film. Beyond that, if you admire the work of Ingmar Bergman or Wong Kar-wai or Pawel Pawlikowski then you should go out of your way to see this superb Argentinian film.

Reviewed by euroGary 7 / 10 / 10

Very slow, very quiet

Gabo (Gastón Re) is the kind of person who is buffeted by life's events. His wife dies, so the young father deposits his daughter with her grandparents and moves to Buenos Aires where he takes a job in a carpentry workshop. He rents a room in the flat of a colleague, Juan (Alfonso Barón). Juan has a number of slobby friends who frequently and unexpectedly visit, making the already messy flat even messier. Gabo uncomplainingly cleans up after them (when he is not prone on his bed reading). Even after he and Juan start a sexual relationship (the only time in the film Gabo takes the initiative), Gabo looks on, uncomplaining as ever, while Juan continues bedding not only his girlfriend but also, perhaps, another man. 'The Blond One' is 108 minutes long and - perhaps because I saw the film in the very crowded cinema of the British Film Institute's 'Flare' festival for LGBTQ+ films - feels every one of them. There are several shots of the carpentry workshop, of Gabo watering his plants, and of groups of men engaged in inconsequential chatter. They undeniably set the tone of the film (slow), but there should have been fewer of them. Not helping matters is central character Gabo's personality: he is *so* quiet, *so* unobtrusive, that it is almost as if he is not there half the time. On the plus side, Re does a competent job of portraying Gabo's hurt with bewildered looks (and does not let his status as co-producer excuse him from his fair share of the film's nudity duties). Barón, who according to his IMDb listing is an inexperienced actor, provides a good naturalistic performance. In conclusion, this film is worth watching, but its slowness and quietness means it is the kind of film for which you really have to be in the right mood.

Reviewed by CelluRob 7 / 10 / 10

An excellent example of how not to be afraid to take your time .

Gastón Re and Alfonso Barón bring two superbly nuanced performances to this story of clandestine gay love in a Buenos Aires suburb. There is loads of nudity and little left to the imagination but it isn't prurient; it is an evolving love story that addresses a variety of issues: yearning, anger, aspiration, hope, desire - you name it. The direction is intentionally, and creatively, slow - the camera lingers on the faces (and the bodies) but doesn't leave you itching for the fast-forward button. There is, perhaps, a surfeit of sofa soul-searching on occasion but that is easily forgiven in the overall context of the drama.

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