The Blueberry Hunt


Action / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by psanyal 2 / 10 / 10

Waste of talent and time

A pointless movie at best. Worst use of Naseeruddin's talent. A nothing movie. Really! Thin story line that snaps abruptly. Unrealistic setting. The movie starts on a promising note. And then it declines continuously. Even acting is mediocre - just proving the point that actors can only take a plot less movie so far. Thankfully there are no songs! I wish I had some spoilers. The only spoiler is that you'd say at the end of the movie "it's over?". Can't really think of anything commendable about the movie. Don't see. Even for Naseeruddin's sake. Although if you are a die hard fan, he looks young for his age. But sir - what were you thinking when you signed up for this movie? As they say in India - a Bakwaas bundle movie.

Reviewed by neotokas 7 / 10 / 10


It's nice , open ended and had my imagination running. It is hard to see such fine movies being made in India. People need to understand that not everything should be perfect, complete, and "in India's case" Overdramatised. Plot was focused only on the immediate situation and didn't offer any unnecessary explanations. The film is visually appealing, given the locations and character styling.

Reviewed by tanujpoddar 7 / 10 / 10

Keeps you interested through out

This is not the usual larger than life bollywood movie. It is about a person colonel (Naseeruddin Shah) who owns a large land near a village in Kerala and grows a potent variety of Marijuana called blueberry shrunk. It takes about a year to grow them. As the crops are close to harvest, few people come to know about and want to steal it. The movie shows how this person ensures secrecy about what he does and single handedly protects his plantation spread across 30 acres. Will he succeed or not, you will have to see. The most impressive thing about the movie is its narrative. It is not linear and the viewer gets the required information from the conversations between the characters. The movie pretty much revolves around Colonel, with him being in almost all the frames. And man, does he do good job at keeping your attention, with his subtle mannerisms. His acting is as natural as it can be. The supporting characters have small bits roles revolving around him, with Aahana Kumra's character getting the longest screen space as she helps develop colonel's character for the viewers. Its sad that the movie's release got delayed and amongst all the confusion the film didn't do well commercially or critically. If it had, I would have wished for a prequel showing the back story the character Colonel played by Naseeruddin Shah.

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