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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gsingerwriter 1 / 10 / 10

See "One Night with the King" instead

One of the Bible's most powerful stories had every terror, twist, brave act and godly intervention ripped right out of it. The things that happen here are not even closely related to the wonderful, amazing Bible story about God in control in our lives, even when He appears hidden. Biblical Esther was a true hero, decisive, courageous, and righteous--this puff-princess Movie Esther harps on and on hoping to get married--literally to a Prince. The driver of this story is the Antagonist, Haman---not Esther. (Unrelated--but in this day and age were there NO brown-skinned, long haired girls to play (Young Esther) a Jewish girl?? Could not the director have passed on the White girl wearing the second-hand store wig for ONE more movie??). Very disappointing effort by Pureflix, adds nothing to Christian entertainment or biblical truth/revelation through visual media.

Reviewed by Medic2762 1 / 10 / 10

Extremely disappointing

Seeing that this movie was made by Pure Flix Entertainment, a Christian movie production company, we thought we would see an accurate portrayal of this story. At the beginning of the movie, a disclaimer was shown stating that the producers have changed some details of events for dramatic purposes, which is understandable. Unfortunately, they lied. They didn't change SOME details - they changed almost ALL the details. The only similarity this movie has to the Biblical record is the names of the principal characters. I'm extremely disappointed in David A.R. White as the director and writer Timothy Ratajczak (who has written many excellent Pure Flix movies) who are responsible for this piece of trash. I've always held White and his company Pure Flix in high regard. To see a Christian production company, who one would expect to be Biblically true to actual events chronicled in the Bible, produce a movie about Biblical events and completely change the details is inexcusable. With their "dramatic license," this movie is completely unrecognizable as the story of Esther. The Veggie Tales episode on Esther is more accurate than this movie can ever pretend to be. I'd recommend watching that instead.

Reviewed by Rise 1 / 10 / 10

This is horrendous. No attempt whatsoever is made to tell the true Biblical story of Esther

This entire movie could be summed up as someone who doesn't like, or understand, the book of Esther; so they decide they will plug their own invented story into the backdrop of a Biblical setting. I might expect this from a secular movie company that arrogantly thinks their storytelling is more relevant and interesting than a Biblical account that has stood for thousands of years; but to see a supposedly Christian movie making company do this is mind-boggling. They are suppose to have respect for the source material, but so far they have been the ones to butcher it more than any other Esther movie I've come across. The production values are rock bottom. The acting is terrible. That would be forgivable if they actually made an effort to faithfully convey the account of Esther based on the Bible and history. They've tried to invent a story they probably think is more relevant to a modern American audience. The entire point of the Biblical story is lost, and it's full of anachronisms from modern American culture and values. Rather than an accurate picture of ancient middle eastern culture where Esther could be killed for entering into the presence of the king uninvited, we see a modern American woman who suggests that things are going to have to change once they are married to be more of an equal partnership; to which the king aquieseced somewhat meekly. Rather than an accurate story about a woman who is taken to be a concubine for a despotic king, in which they may only have on sexual encounter with her never seeing the king again unless he decides to marry her; it is replaced with a modern American tale of a woman who is getting older wondering when she will meet the right man, and involves her insisting to the king that they will have to wait before they are married before they will have any kind of physical romance. If you want to make up your own story, with it's own values and message, then go do so - just don't force this pablum into a setting that claim to be based on the Biblical book of Esther. Although they do have a disclaimer about some things being changed, what they don't tell you is that nothing of significance about the original story has been retained aside from names.

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