The Border


Crime / Drama

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Harvey Keitel as Gabriel Feraud
Jack Nicholson as Charley Partanna
Warren Oates as Bennie
William Russ as Jimbo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lastliberal 7 / 10 / 10

I can't afford a f*cking dream house!

There are two things about this movie that make it a must-watch: Jack Nicholson in one of his best performances, and the issue of immigration. Nicholson is a border guard who tries to resist the money available but his crazy wife (Valerie Perrine) just spends, spends, and spends like he was a Rockefeller. He finally joins with his neighbor and partner (Harvey Keitel) and runs some Mexicans across the border. Charlie (Nicholson) still has some morals and that causes problems for his partner. He is also taken with Maria (Elpidia Carrillo), and that causes problems for their Mexican contact, so he sets him up to control him. However, he can't control Charlie, and now even the boss (Warren Oates) is mad at him. Tony Richardson's film has a lot of elements of Sam Peckinpah. Exciting to the end. Music by the great Ry Cooder.

Reviewed by Goonboy 8 / 10 / 10

Shamefully under-appreciated

This film would probably do better if re-released in 1999. Between the casting, the scenery, the memorable "throwaway" lines that abounded, the "felt without being seen" undercurrent of quiet desperation that some of the characters emoted at JUST THE RIGHT TIMES, accompanied by one of the very finest sound tracks that has ever been recorded, by some stellar musicians (and why on earth is this not available on CD?), this movie would more than likely win a whole new cult following, particularly given the successes of some of the cast since then, the "oh yeah, I remember her/him" recognition factor of some of the other cast members, and the fact that dear Warren Oates will not be making any more films in the fine manner that he did. I don't remember this film being given the credit it deserved when it was originally released, and I wish to heck it could be given another chance, if for no other reasons than those mentioned above, and perhaps to give some record company another reason to release the soundtrack on CD!

Reviewed by nyp01 8 / 10 / 10

Bombed at the Box Office

I remember seeing this movie at a seedy downtown LA theater, the second film of a double bill that I almost walked out on before it began. I was glad I stayed. I don't remember what the feature film was, but I have never forgotten this movie. Jack Nicholson plays a on-the-take border patrol cop trying to go straight, but surrounded by corruption on both sides of the fence. He finally has to choose between fitting in by being a dirt bag, and being true to himself and cutting his ties with his buddies and his family. The border is not only a fence between two countries, it's a moral line between decency and indecency, between moral compromise and being a truly humane and compassionate person regardless of the consequences. The acting is superb, and the the plot could not be more timely. So give this box office bomb a go soon! It's a real diamond in the rough.

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