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Reviewed by lefaikone 9 / 10 / 10

The unspoken aspects war

I was browsing the reviews of "Nefes", and since there was only a handful of reviews by non-Turkish IMDb users - since it hasn't been screened much outside Turkey - I felt that I had to give my effort to it. Having said that, I feel that it's been badly misunderstood by many people. Many reviewers judged it as "propaganda" or "morally corrupted" etc. I couldn't disagree more. To me it wasn't even political, even less morally corrupted - disturbing and even revolting - yes. Corrupted - not even remotely. I might even call it pacifistic. The story is a deep and humane view in to the persona of a soldier. I don't say Turkish soldier, because the moral issues of it are so universal - basically the story could be placed in any war throughout the modern history. **Minor spoiler* Most of the critic on IMDb were about the parts were the Turkish special forces (the main characters) were shown doing unjustified violence to their unarmed prisoner. That's the "morally corrupted propaganda" part I guess. The way I see it, it's as anti-propaganda as it gets. It puts the main characters to same line as their enemies. It doesn't try to glorify or justify either sides part on the situation. How's that propaganda? ** In a nutshell: Nefes is a visually sublime look in to the social and emotional aspects that drive young men to sacrifice their lives and futures for something as dreadful as war. It's about the brutal effects of violence to ones psyche. And mainly - It's about the endless amounts of everyday tragedies that drive so many of these emotionally fragile young men to see the war as their only option in life.

Reviewed by kafandiyev 10 / 10 / 10

The movie that finally forced me to write my first comment in IMDb... Must see!

This movie is based on a an event of incursion of the small military stationery located at the top of the Mountains in Semdinli (Southeastern border of Turkey) by a PKK terrorist group in 1993. Despite of being a Azeri Turk, I tried to watch and discuss this movie objectively. Why this movie deserves to be watched? Because: This is a unique Turkish movie that incorporated humor, grief, reality, originality, art and most of all simplicity in performance. The acting was pure and simple much like as an original Turkish soldier. A bunch of soldiers from different regions of Turkey connected in a quest. None of them actors were celebrities in real life. Made an impression that I would see and do the same things and have the same conversations if I were in military in some other place. I think nothing is exaggerated in the story and it has an objective opinion on the terrorism but explains it from the Turkish side of view. I've never seen such a pure and simple acting that made me feel in their shoes. The 'calling home' part of the movie is one of the greatest parts. In those couple of minutes I realized that it could be me, my friend (who is a doctor and made his military duty at the same region) or my relative. Don't know how other people would feel but every single Turk watching this movie will see a part of themselves in those soldiers' life. The director is very very successful in transmitting the atmosphere and he deserves a special mention for mastery in simplifying that movie which seems to be actually complicated in it's nature. The artistic scenery especially from a photographic view is another thing that made me feel proud and happy as a photographer. The music at the background successfully synchronized with the events and moods during the entire movie. Finally, the movie is named as 'Nefes' which stands for 'the breath' and is explained in such a conversation that touched me deeply: 'In the fight what matters is breath: whether you 'take' it or 'give' at the end!'... I'd advise anyone to watch this movie... You'll definitely like the cinematography, directing, acting and most of all this is one of the best achievements in Turkish cinema in my opinion... Watch it!

Reviewed by haydibul 10 / 10 / 10

the first movie

This movie is absolutely the first Turkish movie regarding its topic. A film that tells the story of people doing their military service at a territory of terror has never been made before. The film reflects the psychology of soldiers very well. So, the film is quite important for its script. The script is based on a true story. Besides all these, the colors are used effectively and gives the atmosphere of the film to the audience in a good way. The music is also used more differently than any other Turkish movies and the music is appropriate with the dialogs and scenes.It is one of the most realistic films I have ever watched. Turkish people had already deserved such a movie for that they live in a country suffering from terror since 1980s.So it is a movie that should have shot much before.For only being the first for its script, it deserves 9 out of 10.

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