The Bridge Curse


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by el7 7 / 10 / 10

Some clever sleight of hand.

The Bridge Curse is one of those horror movies that's not so clever in the story that it's telling, as in the way that it's telling that story. It relies on some basic viewer assumptions to float some of its surprises right under your nose until it's ready to surprise you. The story is a timeline bender that follows a reporter, determined to get off the 'news of the weird' beat, who is investigating a rumored curse on a college campus. Her cameraman follows her around as she investigates various locations they were known to have visited on their last night alive, and views their live feeds that they uploaded to a social media site. The action flits between her watching the feeds and the students experiencing the feeds, moving between a Steadicam cinematic experience and a found footage experience in different time-frames and perspectives. It becomes quickly apparent that the students are deliberately misleading the viewer on their live feeds, so the found footage becomes accepted by the viewer watching the movie as *not* representing objective reality. That would mean that the cinematic footage *would* represent objective reality normally, but in this case the movie also goes out of its way to suggest that some of the characters are sneaky, and others might be crazy, so the viewer is left to wonder if what they are viewing in this format represents objective reality, either. This is how the director is able to slip some casting and costuming switcheroos right under the viewer's own nose and get away with it, leading to some genuine surprises later in the film (although I think most viewers will guess one of them rather quickly). In the end we have a standard vengeful ghost story (don't cut it off during the end credits though, there's more right up til the last minute of runtime). However, the way in which it was told was quite cleverly done and I wouldn't mind seeing more perspective tricks like this in future films.

Reviewed by TheFinalGirl13 7 / 10 / 10

Thrilling movie about dumb kids

A good Taiwanese horror with quite an unexpected twist. Finally, a fresh idea in a horror genre. Even though the main theme has been explored by many others, this movie manages to stay unique, genuinely scary and dark. Just don't expect CGI demons or any special effects, the movie rely heavily on suspense, not on scary imagery. Overall, the film doesn't feel expensive. While the idea is interesting, the characters are too whiny and their actions are predictable and stupid. On the other hand, the storyline kind of relies on characters being so forgettable. Definitely not a waste of time and can be watched alone or with friends, however because of the tangled storyline, I would advise to really pay attention to the screen.

Reviewed by zoragogbeh 7 / 10 / 10

It wasn't THAT bad

As someone who watches a lot of Taiwanese drama and movie, I can say that the acting wasn't that bad. There were a lot of incomprehensible screaming but that's it. The story was interesting, the cgi could have been better but it's still not awful (I've seen much worse). In overall, I liked it. My cup of tea with a good plot twist. I'm hoping for a second movie because of the ending tho.

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