The Broken Key


History / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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April 5, 2019



Christopher Lambert as Samuel Hamon
Franco Nero as Lieutenant Seblon
Michael Madsen as Richard Dickens
Rutger Hauer as Father Bejamin Praagh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by csharpforevermore 1 / 10 / 10

This film should carry a government health warning about how bad (for you) it is!

This film just doesn't make sense. The dialogue, when not inaudible due to the musical score making unheard, is just nonsense. Coupling terrible directing and odious scripts means that I really could not make any sense of what characters were feeling. For example, character voices cry out top volume in fear as soon as another new character enters focus despite being unknown to the protagonist and seconds before launching into a terribly choreographed fight scene. Most of the actors are examples of once great actors who now are too tired to give a good interpretation of the script. No surprise to see the terribly depressing form of Michael Madsen there. I expected to see him with another washed-up actor of Tim Sizemore, but he manages to butcher the scenes enough on his own. Another reviewer wrote about how this film is like nails down a blackboard. I think this is an apt description of scenes that jump around like some Junior film student's project made using home video segments rather than having a set and crew along with others who should have pulled together the show into some kind of discernible storyline or plot. Instead this film is honestly one of the worst ones I have ever seen. If you want more evidence for how bad this film is, then consider this. My friends are all avid movie watchers. We've all sat through some turkeys in our time, but this was the first film we have ever watched that caused several caffeinated and sugar-high adults to fall asleep during watching it. We've NEVER done that before or since this movie.

Reviewed by skip-98756 2 / 10 / 10

This is Beyond merely Bad

The other reviewers are too kind to this truly painful to watch extravaganza that drags on and on yet goes nowhere..The acting is like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard and the music score drones on neverendingly at levels that Almost drown out the dialogue...If I had to find anything in this movie to redeem it,one would struggle.. Even on fastforward this one is hard to stomach...You have been warned..

Reviewed by Granger 2 / 10 / 10


The average rating of 4.x on this movie is generous. The writing is as bad as the movie summary. The acting is non-existent, as the roles require nothing in this area. The story line is vaporous and plot non-existent. The only positive point of this movie is rather good CGI... but these days such can be cranked out of someone's home computer using Blender, and gets no stars from me in the light of everything else in the film. It is reasonable to assume most viewers will find this an incredibly long 2 hours, during which they could have painted a wall and watched it dry with more entertaining results. This movie just drags on, more so than most movies we've seen of this kind. It's not just bad, it's slow and bad. Rutger Hauer seems to have a knack for choosing the worst roles these days. He brings his usual stoic half-humor to the role, but even that can't raise this film above 2 stars for me. This is definitely a "pass it by" film, with the non-audience better off for choosing to do so.

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