The Brute and the Beast



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 8 / 10 / 10

Extremely violent and pretty good Pasta Western with two great Spaghetti stars : Franco Nero and George Hilton

It deals with a prospector: Franco Nero who is called back to his hometown when his brother has problems. Tom arrives in Laramie town to learn it is under the control of a poweful owner named Scott , John McDouglas , and his nasty son, Nino Castelnuovo. As townsfolk run with fear when they mistreat and murder anyone who protests their activities. Later on , Tom finds his drunk brother , George Hilton, but things go wrong . They carry their hate in their holsters and a name on every bullet . Both of them take on the sadistic and psychotic Scott Jr , there is nothing between them but hate for each other. When they meet , it is time of massacre . A thrilling Ravioli Western that displays a story of violence and confrontation, plenty of fights , killing , shootouts , ordinary zooms and impressive finale .Acceptable action scenes with rousing gun-play , and excessive sadism including brutal lashing and crude killings . It stars a big name star cast as Franco Nero as a gunslinger who at the request of an old family friend returns at home and attempts the dangerous Laramie town can rest in order , peace and harmony again ; Nero interpreted a lot of popular and successful westerns , as his first Spaghetti : Tramplers, following Django , Adios Texas, Man pride vengeance , Compañeros , Mercenary , Keoma , Cipolla colt, and in preproduction : Keoma rises and Django lives . Furthermore, the Spaghetti thespian George Hilton who gives one of the best interpretations as a drunkyard in a similar role to Robert Mitchum's Rio Bravo . Hilton was born on July 16, 1934 in Montevideo , he performed various westerns as My gun can play, Sartana is coming get your coffin ready, Desperadoes, They called him the player with the dead, They call me Hallalujah, The ruthless four, I due figlie di Ringo, Un poker di pistole. Although Hilton also played some successful giallos as Scorpion tale, 7 minutes pour mourir and Strano vizio della signora Ward . Special mention for the greedy and ruthless Nino Castelnuovo who plays a really baddie psycho and murder-crazed . Support cast is frankly good with regular Spaghetti secondaries as Giuseppe Addobbati or John Douglas , John Bartha , Sal Borgese and Tom Felleghi. It contains an attractive and catching musical score by Lallo Gori adding two sensitive songs at the beginning and the ending . In addition , atmospheric and adequate cinematography by Riccardo Palottini . The motion picture titled Temps du massacre or The Brute and the Beast , or Concert for a colt , or Le colt cantaron la muerte was competently written and directed by Lucio Fulci . This was first of 5 Westerns that Fulci made , the other 4 were Four of the apocalypse , Sella d'argento, White fang and the return of White fang . Lucio is particularly known for his gory and bloody movies as City of the living dead,NY ripper , The house by the cemetery , Murder rock , The beyond , Un gatto nel cervello, and several others .

Reviewed by spider89119 7 / 10 / 10

Fulci delivers an excellent western

I have loved Fulci's Zombie films and his other horror films since long before I became interested in spaghetti westerns, so I was naturally very curious about this movie when I discovered that Fulci directed it. After viewing the film, I am very pleased to say that Fulci has directed an excellent western as well. The music is a perfect example of a great non-Morricone score. Lallo Gori shows that he can have a style of his own and still create a score that is unmistakeably spaghetti western flavored. The theme song is fantastic, and you hear very different variations of it throughout the movie. This gives a feeling of continuity throughout the film without sounding redundant. Nero and Hilton are both great, as usual. Hilton plays a funny character- a drunk who can shoot faster and straighter than anyone no matter how much he drinks! He can also fight several men at once even though he can't walk a straight line. The other actors are very good also. Nino Castelnuovo gets to play the most interesting part in the film. His character is truly weird and sadistic, and his preoccupation with playing the organ adds a nice hint of the macabre. If you are a fan of spaghetti westerns or euro-films in general, do yourself a favor and see this movie.

Reviewed by K_Todorov 7 / 10 / 10

Fulci + Western + Nero equals good fun

The idea of a Lucio Fulci western is compelling to say the least. Known for making some of the most gory, brutal and sadistic horror movies during the eighties, Fulci's first western "Tempo Di Massacro" is an early sign of his coming transition to the splatter genre. It lacks the gore but it certainly does not lack on the brutal and sadistic trademarks which have made Fulci famous around horror circles. Alright so there were some things that were basically copied from other Italian westerns it was still a fun movie to watch and it's not like that's a big revelation considering the whole commercialized nature of the genre. The movie begins with a shot of a man being chased by a hunting party. The kind that usually hunts animals for sport only this time they're hunting people. Needless to say what happened when they caught him. Did I mention that this movie was sadistic and this is not the only proof there's more further along? Anyways "Tempo Di Massacro" stars Franco Nero as Tom Corbett a prospector whom after receiving a mysterious letter about his family, returns home. But things have changed a lot since he's been gone and Corbett realizes this as soon as he arrives. His family's ranch has been taken over by a rich landowner and his demented son (the guy that was leading the hunting party earlier). One might say that story is a slow mover, I disagree. I found it's pace to be very precise setting up the outline for the final confrontation. The story is coherent enough so that it makes sense. There are a few twists here and there so as not to get too boring when waiting for the showdown. In a movie that supposedly starred Franco Nero, his character Tom wasn't all that impressive, gone was that cynical attitude with which he portrayed the titular character in "Django" and his clothing, well it's obvious where they were taken from (small hint: an Italian western movie with Clint Eastwood). Instead more focus was put on Tom's brother Jeff played by George Hilton, a drunkard with a bit of a temper and the sadistic son of the landowner played by Nino Castelnuovo. Both these men were the highlights of the movie. Respectively performances are well done considering that this is a spaghetti western. The score by Lallo Gorri is good, very catchy song in the beginning. Now what really makes "Tempo Di Massacro" fun is it's finale. There Fulci demonstrates that he is more than capable of directing action. With commendable choreography, masterful synchronization between the shooting and victims's death. It's a hard task to create a long entertaining action scene, most of the times everything wears out after a couple of minutes not here though. Variety is the key to success in such sequences and Fulci packs the scene with outdoor, indoor shootouts making it an entertainingly diverse gunfight. The film ends with a symbolic white dove flying away, possible this is from where John Woo got his dove gimmick from. Anyways "Tempo Di Massacro" is one of the better Italian westerns out there. It's a good movie on all accounts, worth the look from fans of the genre or even horror fans intrigued with Lucio Fulci's pre-horror work.

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