The Buddy Holly Story


Biography / Drama / Music

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Charles Martin Smith as Vice President John Mallory
Don Stroud as Roy Brown
Gailard Sartain as Sheriff Gary Walsh
Gary Busey as Jack Rushton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by catesa 3 / 10 / 10

Busey is The Only Saving Grace (what does that tell you?)

If Gary Busey is the best thing you've got going for your movie, do us all a favor and shut that ish down! I'll give the man his due - this really is Busey's best acting job ever. And the fact that the actors are actually playing (and do a really great job) is pretty cool. But those are really the only nice things I can say about this movie. The obvious lack of effort to make this film the least bit historically accurate is disgusting. Yes, he played the Apollo. Yes, he went on a tour with mostly black artists. Yes, he married a Puerto Rican. "Research done! Let's just fill in the blanks with live performances and made-up conflict between him and his bandmates and parents and ex girlfriends and Nashville producers and blah, blah..." Gag me. I'm just saying, it's not really fair to Buddy Holly and his survivors to have such blatant disrespect (or at best apathy) for the ACTUAL events of his life and career. His actual Crickets bandmates were really cool, nice guys, not drunken semi-racist morons. Buddy Holly's parents were extremely supportive and proud of his music. A huge part of Holly's actual story was his producer Norman Petty, who of course is completely left out of the thing. I shudder to think that this POS is gonna be some poor kid's introduction to a rock hero. But at least said poor kid will get a somewhat accurate reading of what his music was like. You can find "The Real Buddy Holly Story" (a documentary put together by Paul McCartney after being outraged at how phony this movie is) on Youtube. I would watch that instead. It's kinda cheap-looking, but at least you can ACTUALLY learn something about Buddy Holly. know, if you can bear to pass up a performance by master thespian Gary Busey.

Reviewed by electrictroy 8 / 10 / 10

Horribly inaccurate

This movie introduces various things that never occurred. For example Buddy gets in a concert fight that never happened. Also some members of the band are portrayed as racist, frequently using the "N word", when they never used such language. A biography should be as accurate as possible, whereas this movie is largely fiction .

Reviewed by bluesteele 8 / 10 / 10

If You Love Rock and Roll -- You Need to See This!

I saw this movie when it first came out, and that was my introduction to Buddy Holly. I picked up the DVD years later to watch it with my son (a 'budding' musician), and found Gary Busey's extraordinary performance in the lead role as fresh as I remembered it from the late 1970s. Those reviewers who note that the plot is pretty cheesy are correct, but everything around Busey, Stroud, and Martin seems incidental to the incendiary live performances. You can find some of the old original Holly performances on YouTube, and as sacrilegious as it sounds . . . Busey is the better performer! I remember reading somewhere that one of the producers or the director himself managed to get Busey, Stroud, and Martin to gig as a Buddy Holly cover band in clubs for several months prior to beginning the shoot, and that Stroud began practicing for these live sessions (and subsquent shooting) having never played the drums before. If this is true, it would be great to hear from someone who might actually have caught one of these performances? Whether it's true or not, it certainly would explain how Busey would step up to the mike and simply kills it in the film, and why Stroud and Martin seemed wholly believable in their drums and bass backup. Stroud in particular really looks like he was still trying to master his kit, but more than made up for a lack of total professional skill with the energy he put into it. The movie may be a cheesefest, but the stage scenes ARE rock and roll! One last recommendation. If you get the DVD, make sure you get the version that has Gary Busey's commentary. Priceless.

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