The Burning Bed


Crime / Drama

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April 6, 2019


Farrah Fawcett as Holly
Richard Masur as Claude Dorsett
Wayne Knight as Walter Baum
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lthes81 9 / 10 / 10

Should be required for every marriage license

I rated the movie a 9 because, while it carries a powerful message to those who commit this kind of heinous act, I don't like the depiction of the submissive, terrified wife. The husband, who was an absolute monster the parents nurtured, feeds on this. I would have liked it better had she given as good as she got, NOT killed him, took the kids and the car and vanished. She didn't need school. She needed martial arts training. Of course, the story took place over 40 years ago; I think the feminine mindset has changed. If this movie is ever remade, the lesson should be don't look for or beg for help. Francine ran up against roadblocks at every turn. I was amazed at how much help she did NOT receive. My advice is, help yourself. No need to burn the bed and slink into the night, only to wind up in jail.

Reviewed by Solnichka McPherson 10 / 10 / 10

Hard to watch but excellent for its budget and medium

This is a good film. The plot will bring in any viewer, save the man who actually does pound his wife, and it's too bad, because it's that type of man who would benefit most from the opening and closing scenes. The acting reinforces the story, a true account of a woman from Jackson, MI. Fawcett is good, better than she's ever been or ever will be, probably. LeMat is creepily frightening as a drunk, insecure lout. Two of the best performances are put in by Grace Zabriskie and James Callahan (true TV buffs will recognize him as the father from TV's Charles in Charge), as LeMat's clueless parents. You'll hate them both by the end of the film. This film has some scenes of intense domestic abuse and violence - be warned. But it's definitely worth watching and remembering.

Reviewed by lookwhosknocking 10 / 10 / 10

Miss You Farrah

This has to be the best TV Movie ever created. Directed by the same guy who directed Xanadu.... [??? How's that possible? He also directed WALMART: the High Cost of Low Prices, too] His direction of The Burning Bed is superb, to say the least. You really feel as though her fear and terror are your own through claustrophobic cinematography in the scenes where she's being attacked. The dignity the cast and director were able to conjure for this sad story is far better than television deserves. The violence she imparts upon her husband gives her no satisfaction for she is not a malicious or vengeful woman. I believe this movie has inspired countless women to leave abusive relationships since the first day it aired and more so as time has passed. Through it's ability to reach such a wide audience and it's star power, the attention it drew to the issue of battered women could be considered nothing less than a milestone.

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