The Bygone



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November 20, 2019


Graham Phillips as Ben Tennyson
Irene Bedard as Ms. Call
Ritchie Coster as Beckett Summer
Shawn Hatosy as Bascolm
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10 / 10

slow paced , but has its highlights

I knew this was a film from the present, but my goodness how this looked like a good ol' wild west cowboy love story, so if it hadnt been for the motorized wheels, the wind turbines and the galloping gerties, i wouldve accepted it. in a way it reflects the modern day wild west up the in the northern states , that attracts oil workers to come in steems, and with the steem the hardware store and the prostitutes for lust and entertainment are following close. because its a story about one of theso prostitutes, and a native ranchers son whos has been a cowboy from the day he could straddle a horse. clashing togeter under serious circumstances he falls in love and promise her protection at the ranch. but the pimp wont allow that to happen and then the race is on. there are some really ravishing bar fights and a lot of unfairness against the indian dame and the cowboy himself. the acting are merely great not superb. the spirit of the movie are gloomy , grey, dark and harsh visually and emotionally, so you are not entering a comedy, thats for sure. but the grumpy old man have seen lots of films worse , also better ones, but it stings, thats for sure wether you like it or not. its a recommend

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