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Reviewed by shadowfax73 4 / 10 / 10

Not the worst horror movie I've ever seen....

....but far from the best. Even Goofy could figure out the plot and what was going to be going down just by reading the synopsis of the movie. The alone in the woods thing has been done many times since The Blair Witch and few if any have have been as good as the The BW. The Canadoo is a poor film that I give points to for having a monster that is fairly unique and that is not seen clearly until the end - always a good approach. It is also quite unique these days in that the last man standing is not female. Rarer than you might think. I kind of enjoyed it. Tyler Buckingham overplayed the 'ain't I great' part but when he drops his guard a bit you can see a deeper and more interesting character underneath the bluster. Unfortunately, 2 minutes later it's like it never happened. There are also conversations where they talk about things that happened earlier that it's clear were cut from the final print. The movie suffers from being too rushed, perhaps due to cuts to bring it down to a shorter running time. I think that characters were a little too stereotypical but the actors did pretty good with what they had. A bit more creative thinking and pacing and this could have been a fairly decent movie.

Reviewed by tmccull52 3 / 10 / 10


A note, here, to aspiring film makers', particularly to those who plan to dabble in the horror genre: if you're going to make an ensemble movie where the viewer has a vested interest in who may die and whom may not, make at least some of the characters likeable. For this film, we have the obnoxious muscle guy, the blonde babe whose breasts are larger than her brain (and she isn't particularly busty), the anti-social loner, the cheerfully optimistic "good girl", and the street-wise, savvy black guy. These stellar individuals applied to be part of a reality survival show, and they are allowed to bring one item of their choosing. Mr. Anti-Social brings an I-Pod. The blonde babe brings suntan lotion. The optimistic good girl brings a chain and pendant that her fiance gave her. Mr. Muscle Guy doesn't bring anything, because hey, his body is all that he needs, and Mr. Street-Wise & Savvy brings a can of bug spray. Our aspiring reality show stars are picked up by the obligatory "Deliverance" redneck rejects and are dropped off in a swamp. Along the way, one of the rednecks imparts a tale, a warning of sorts, which ends with "and none shall live..." Along the way, we have the usual false scares and hijinks; Mr. Muscle Guy pretends to be attacked and dragged underwater by something while swimming with the Blonde Babe. Of course, she isn't amused by the prank, and Mr. Muscle Guy just can't fathom why she didn't think that the joke was absolutely hilarious; he did. Our merry band finds the skeletal remains of an animal, speculate on what it might have been, and then they make camp. Around the campfire, they bare their souls, and share why they submitted auditions for the show. It was at this point that I began to fervently hope that they would start to get picked off. While they're chatting around the campfire, something unseen speeds through the woods towards them, but then the filmcuts to the next morning. As the group wakes up, Mr. Street-Wise notices that Mr. Anti-Social is missing. In keeping with the trend in most horror movies in similar situations, no one seems particularly concerned about the missing person. While scouting the area, Mr. Street-Wise finds a shotgun shell, and Mr. Muscle-Guy is speaking through a video camera, ostensibly to an audience, and he tells the viewer what a badass he is. The optimistic nice girl interrupts his narrative, and they have a cordial moment. Mr. Street-Wise approaches the Blonde Babe and asks her to help him gather supplies. Eventually, the group goes looking for Mr. Anti-Social, and they are being watched by an as yet unseen, unidentified something or other. Mr. Muscle-Guy decides that he's had enough and is about to give up the search, but Mr. Street-Wise finds Mr. Anti-Social's bloody I-Pod. This leads to an argument between Mr. Street-Wise and Mr. Muscle-Guy. The group decides to split up and look for Mr. Anti-Social. Mr. Street-Wise and the optimistic good girl go one way, and Mr. Muscle-Guy and the Blonde Babe go another. They aren't apart for five minutes when the Blonde Babe drops her top and puts the moves on Mr. Muscle Guy. Mr. Street-Wise and the nice girl start to bicker, but end up having a heart-to-heart chat. The scene switches back to Mr. Muscle-Guy and the Blonde Babe. The impression is that they just had sex. Mr. Muscle-Guy wanders off to take a leak, and the Blonde Babe screams. Mr. Muscle-Guy comes running to help, bit trips over some kind of wire, injuring his leg. The Blonde Babe is gone. Mr. Muscle-Guy runs to Mr. Street-Wise and the nice girl and tells them what happened. Mr. Street-Wise accuses Me. Muscle-Guy of doing something to the Blonde Babe, but the nice girl intervenes and smooth things over. The group decides to split up and look for the Blonde Babe, and Mr. Street-Wise gives the nice girl the shotgun shell that he'd found earlier. He then accuses Mr. Muscle-Guy of doing something to the Blonde Babe again, and they get into a fight. While they're duking it out, the nice girl looks at what had been recorded on camera when the Blonde Babe was attacked. Then Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy shows up. Actually, some sort of tree creature comes to life, and the remaining three run. Mr. Street-Wise and Savvy trips and appears to be caught by the woods monster. Mr. Muscle-Guy and the nice girl find a cabin, where they are attacked by the same Deliverance rejects that picked them up and brought them to the swamp. The nice girl and Mr. Muscle-Guy are tied up and left as sacrifices to Groot, or whatever it is. Mr. Muscle-Guy breaks free and is attempting to set the nice girl free, but then he wimps out and runs away, leaving the nice girl to meet her fate. The Deliverance rejects chase Mr. Muscle-Guy through the woods, and he stumbles upon the bodies of Mr. Anti-Social, the Blonde Babe, and Mr. Street-Wise. He then tussles with one of the Deliverance rejects, disarms him, and shoots him with his own shotgun. Mr. Muscle-Guy is then confronted by Groot. He screams, and the movie ends. All in all, this was a complete waste of time.

Reviewed by wandernn1-81-683274 3 / 10 / 10


Despite the hot girl, this movie was lame. Not worth the time invested to watch. 3/10

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