The Caper of the Golden Bulls


Action / Comedy

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November 27, 2020



Clifton James as Philippe
Stephen Boyd as Peter Churchman
Vito Scotti as François Morel
Yvette Mimieux as Grace Harvey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RogerMooreTheBestBond 10 / 10 / 10

Entertaining Film from Start to Finish

Stephen Boyd and Yvette Mimieux star in this wonderful action film with some comedy thrown in. The musical score is a delight and keep the viewer upbeat. Music is so important to me. The story involves Boyd getting sorta of forced into robbing some jewels from a bank by Giovanni Ralli. She is the only one I did not care for in the cast. I am not a big fan of Italian actresses. Boyd is reunited will his war buddies that pulled off a heist robbing the Germans back in their war days. Yvette Mimieux plays Boyd girlfriend /Fiancee. Her first scene is memorable. She is wearing a white bikini and her body rates a 10! The new transfer I just watched on the new blu ray is crystal clear. Blu ray quality makes pretty people prettier and ugly people uglier. Yvette definitely looks even prettier. I had to hit the pause button to admire her in that white bikini!. Her next scene is good too. She wears an outfit with a bare midriff while talking on the phone. She is perfect. Anyway, Boyd tells her of the robbery plan, so she joins in, reluctantly. The movie really gets good when they actually start the heist. It is planned around the Running of the Bulls. They join in the running of the bulls in an exciting sequence. They use that as a diversion to break in the bank and steal the jewels. The plan has them handing them out to Giavanni as they are disguised as a large walking puppet for the parade that follows the running of the bulls. She arrives early, but they just have time to hand her the jewels. You only see her hands. Later after the heist they find out she never got them. Turns out Yvette Mimieux got a replica of the large puppet and got the jewels instead. She ends up turning them in, so Boyd will not ever have a chance to be caught. They end up staying their to spend their honeymoon as the movie ends. I loved the movie all the way thru. I was very pleased top see a movie I had never seen be so good. And I will never forget Yvette in the white bikini! Wow!

Reviewed by bombersflyup / 10


The Caper of the Golden Bulls has quite an elaborate heist, but it and its character's a bit flimsy. Two much effort and risk involved to just be laughed off and not followed up I think. Lead character Peter looks like he could be a member of the Wiggles. Both female characters likable enough.

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