The Cat in the Hat


Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

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Alec Baldwin as Self
Dakota Fanning as Little Girl in Park
Kelly Preston as Deborah Anne Fimple
Mike Myers as The Cat
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scorzine 7 / 10 / 10

Two words: Guilty pleasure

The Cat in the Hat is close to the dirtiest movie ever intended for kids, and it's also why there aren't any more live-action Dr. Seuss movies. But I'm afraid to say this... I actually liked it ever since I first watched it as a child and I still like it to this day. The core reason why is the dialogue, which is at times rude and stupid but still hilarious. My favorite part was The Mother of All Messes. The kids who played Conrad and Sally were great actors; I loved when they said "That's Mom's dress!" and Mike Myers did a great job as the Cat, too. Though I don't think the movie's something Seuss would be proud of and that it should be PG-13, I thought it was really funny, so I recommend it.

Reviewed by sparkinson91 10 / 10 / 10

Give it a go, it's actually pretty good!

This is one of my favourite films. I love it. It's a shame that it has received such harsh criticism and therefore isn't given a go by many. I am aware that I seem to hold the opposite opinion to most, but I just feel it's fair for people to read an alternative view on this film. Many will disagree with what I have to say and that's fine, but I think this is worth reading anyway. I understand the criticism for those who grew up with Dr Seuss and their expectations of this film would have been completely different – and therefore they were left utterly disappointed. However, if you are able to separate this film from your Dr Seuss expectations, it is actually a funny, clever and enjoyable film. If you're not a fan of Mike Meyers, you probably would not be bothered to sit through this, however he is very funny in this part. The acting overall from the cast isn't the greatest but it does hold up for this film. Dakota Fanning is fantastic as usual and Alec Baldwin is a great inclusion here. There are some brilliant lines in this film and the laughs are continuous. It's stupid and clever at the same time, not all the jokes are so obvious which appeals to an older audience. I agree, for kids it's not the most appropriate movie but they could still enjoy the silly side of it and the great visuals. For adults, I think it's a scream. I have recommended it to many (initially very hesitant to give it a go) who find themselves thoroughly enjoying it. I think it really depends on the attitude you have going into watching this film that affects your final judgment of it. Go in with an open mind, understand that it's not going to be your typical child-friendly Dr Seuss story, it will be silly but it will also be very funny if you notice some of the subtle jokes they have included in it (for a more mature audience). It's just a bit of fun and I wish people would not be so critical of it. Yes you may not love it, but you will laugh at at least a few things! Considering there is so much rubbish out there, I honestly think that this definitely isn't the worst of the worst and that those people that despise it would give it another go, removing those Dr Seuss expectations. Be kind and try to enjoy this film, it deserves that.

Reviewed by nromo-86455 10 / 10 / 10

Its one of the best movies ever produced and written and has the best plot line ever presented to the world.

*TRIGGERED* People of the world who appreciate fine art. Watch this movie in order to improve your culture, happiness and sense of humor about life. What kind of person doesn't appreciate the perfect mix between innuendos and jokes which make your life better. I would really recommend this movie if you do not want to become an old hag and die alone. I really think people should watch it and appreciate its awesomeness. On the other hand people who did this critics about this movie are either really biased or I wouldn't vouge for their intelligence; I think people in this world would appreciate if you were to keep the opinions to yourselves and please avoid making comments about such a MASTERPIECE which should have clearly won an Oscar as well as the Grinch but that will be another critic. THANKS A LOT, BYE MIC DROP

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