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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hermit C-2 9 / 10 / 10

Something of a landmark.

On one hand this movie is as silly and ridiculous as so many others of its ilk. On the other, it stood apart because it went beyond the boundaries of the day's softcore films, finding a niche between them and hardcore. It reflected an "anything goes" sexual ethic of the time. Apparently, it was too hot for many communities around the land. The local D.A. here went to a showing where he dutifully noted the number of sex acts depicted. I would have had difficulty keeping count. Nowadays it's usually seen in edited (or butchered) versions which only serve to emphasize the silliness and leave out the cheap thrills. Oh well. This film wasn't the first to exploit the male fascination with cheerleaders but it did inspire numerous imitations and rip-offs, mostly of an inferior nature, if you can imagine that.

Reviewed by Smooth B 10 / 10 / 10

I was completely shocked! I give it an A.

This movie was a little nugget of joy that came across my screen last night. The plot was--well, let's be serious here--nonexistent, but the campy nature of the movie won me over. I immediately thought of "Night Calls: The Movie" and its sequel when I watched this film. Then again, it reminded me of "Debbie Does Dallas", without the actual genitals being shown. The story is elementary--a group of, what are they doing again? I'm sorry, another one of them just had sex with a football player, or in a guy's car while the car is in the car wash, or a guy wearing nothing but a jockstrap...etc. This was what a cheerleader movie was supposed to be, guys. A bunch of horny girls having sex with anything remotely resembling a man. The central character is a youngish looking girl looking to lose her virginity. The other girls look at her in shock. The rest of the movie follows her exploits as she looks to "make it" with a guy for the first time. These girls make no attempt to be actresses; in fact, I thought this was a porno when the film started (better yet, I actually thought I was watching "Debbie Does Dallas"). The guys in this flick are all looking to get laid, and our faithful cheerleaders happily obliged them. What was their big scheme right before the big football game? To sleep with as many players on the other team as possible in order to tire them out. If only my old high school cheerleading squad was THAT accomodating, maybe we would have won the state championship. I don't think this film is gonna be coming on again any time soon, but I feel privileged that I was able to see it. Sex: A+ (Plenty of scenes, seemingly one right after another. These cheerleaders just don't quit!) Women: B- (The downer--the women didn't look all that good. Then again, it was the 70's when this movie was made, so I guess they were hot by 70's standards.) Story: F (What story? You mean all that talking in between the sex scenes? Not quite story material, but all the sex more than made up for it.) Overall: A (I'm still giving the film an A because everything was played for laughs, even a couple of the sex scenes. A sexy, funny film--basically everything most recent sex comedies try to be but can't really pull off effectively.)

Reviewed by rlcsljo 10 / 10 / 10

The First and the Best Movie totally about cheerleaders

I think this was the first movie theatrically released which was about real cheerleaders("Naughty Cheerleader" was about a drum majorette and the story had nothing to do with cheerleading).The girls did real cheerleading routines and a cheerleading coach was hired.The cheerleaders were, and still are, the cutest ever assembled.Somehow, you actually believe these girls would go the "extra mile" for their team to ensure their success!I also believe this is the movie that "Debbie Does Does Dallas", the best porno movie on cheerleading, was based because of the similarity of some character/actor names.If you can find this movie on videocassette, rent it!--you will be glad you did.

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