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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jescue 10 / 10 / 10

this movie is a coming of age riot!, loads of laughs and strong cast

my wife and i pull this movie out every time we need a good laugh, the cast is especially strong, phil silvers is actually the weak link, gutenberg, his girl friends and branscom richmond are superb as are other supporting cast members. its not really a teen flick for teens alone but also appreciated by people who want to reminisce about days gone by. set in the ultra upscale los angeles suburbs, it gives a fun look at what the "rich kids" do with their free time.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 10 / 10 / 10

"Next time. Try do something about the chicken smell"

Somewhat languishing in obscurity, "The Chicken Chronicles" is fairly an amusing under the radar 70s high school sex comedy drama set during the end of the 60s era. But again the context is much boarder, thoughtful and true to its decade than one might suspect, very similar to Cameron Crowe's coming-to-age comedy "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". Throughout the feature is a running theme of sexual liberation, drugs, alcohol, absent / distant parents (where technology is used to communicate instead of face-to-face) and the affects the Vietnam War is having on the younger generation. Californian teenager David Kessler is about to graduate high school with the senior prom rather near, but faces some problems before doing so. He's desperately trying to find the time to finally make out with his picture-perfect cheerleader girlfriend Margaret. To do so he needs help from his dweeb brother, for finding a place where they won't be disturbed. Out-of-blue there's Tracy, someone who he has known since early childhood and she really does fancy him. Also the school principal really has it in for him, although David does bring it upon himself with the numerous pranks and his boss at the chicken take away shop won't get off his back. While it might seem aimlessly random in its structure (moving back and forth between its shenanigans), Paul Diamond's screenplay goes onto balance the authentic drama and witty comedy rather well. Even though it has an obsession on sex, never does it succumb to any crass or low brow acts or dialogues… although Silvers' character can be rather creepy. Director Francis Simon's bright and breezy direction (where the boom mike would suddenly appear at times) keeps it lively and fun in what is an enjoyably mellow throwback in spirit. The flavoursome soundtrack cruises right in. The performances go a long way to keeping it so. A fresh-face Steven Guttenberg (only his second feature, but debut lead role) is very likable as David… bringing heart and laughs to his character. However for me it was the great Phil Silvers as David's eccentric womaniser boss Max Ober, Ed Lauter as the snide principal Mr. Nastase, Branscombe Richmond as David's cool and collected, dope smoking buddy Mark and the ravishing Lisa Reeves as David's uptight girlfriend that had the memorable moments. Also there's a wonderful, homely performance by Meridith Baer as the down-to-earth, girl next door Tracy. It might not stand out from the crowd, but it passes for an enjoyable teen comedy drama.

Reviewed by starpylot 10 / 10 / 10

Warm, funny & well done! A hidden jewel!

This movie simply has never gotten the credit it deserves! Steve Guttenberg's debut film, as well as Phil (the original Sgt. Bilko) Silvers' last. Both are perfectly cast & are delights to watch. God knows why this movie has not been released on DVD, but keep an eye peeled for it on cable somewhere! It is a great, light-hearted, teen coming-of-age romp, yet still manages to have some serious & genuine warm moments. Long live Frank Dracman!

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