The Christmas Spirit


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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August 4, 2020



Bart Johnson as Daniel Huntslar
Nicollette Sheridan as Charlotte Hart
Olympia Dukakis as Gwen Hollander
Sammi Hanratty as Morgan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Christmas-Reviewer 6 / 10 / 10

Plots in Logic & Breaks Iys Own Rules

Review Date 12/3/2017 I HAVE REVIEWED OVER 400 (C H R I S T M A S ) MOVIES AND SPECIALS. SO PLEASE BEWARE OF SOME REVIEWERS THAT ONLY HAVE ONLY ONE REVIEW. WHEN ITS A POSITIVE THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE THEY WERE INVOLVED WITH THE PRODUCTION. NOW I HAVE NO AGENDA! I REVIEW MOVIES & SPECIALS AS A WAY TO KEEP TRACK OF WHAT I HAVE SEEN! I HAVE DISCOVERED MANY GEMS IN MY QUEST TO SEE AS MANY " C H R I S T M A S " MOVIES AS I CAN. Charlotte (Nicollette Sheridan) and a greedy developer are left in coma after a car accident. Her spirit tries to change the man's mind and stop development in the town before the decision becomes final. This film had an okay film story but it throws a little too much into the plot. I am glad that Nicollette Sheridan was able to find a role where she plays "Nice". She is a wonderful actress and never seems to catch break. This film however has major flaws. Its "sets up the rules" on what "Spirits Can Do" however as soon as rules are established "It Breaks The Rules". By the film breaking its own rules it doesn't allow the audience build a connection to the leads. Because the rules are not "there" the film becomes boring and "predictable". Could of been great. I don't see myself watching this again in the near future!

Reviewed by bergie1965 6 / 10 / 10

Very Good Movie

I am from Oregonia, which is right outside Lebanon, where the movie was filmed...This movie has a great message about The Christmas Spirit and was very well done. It was amazing to see a film shot where I live. The restaurant is actually named "The Country Kitchen" and has amazing food and service, it has hometown feel and really added to the movie knowing that it does in real life. I am not sure if it is going to be available on DVD, but I would love to buy this movie and I am sure others would as well. It shows the true meaning to Christmas and I feel is something that needs to be portrayed more in these days when so many want to remove the true meaning. Amazing message and job well done!!

Reviewed by jk-692-236394 6 / 10 / 10

Easy watching for a slightly different Hallmark Christmas Movie

This movie would have been better as a Halloween movie. It is spirits and ghost type of plot. Nicollette Sheridan is wearing a bad wig which bugged me. I am not sure why they thought that was a good idea. The movie is not bad. The "spirits" go around the town doing things that are kinda fun and cute to help others. How a spirit bakes cookies and sends email, and tries on clothes, don't ask me. Nicollette Sheridan did a good job playing a softer type of character. I just watched about 15 Hallmark movies over 4 days and this one is in the middle of the pack. It has a different story than most of the rest of them. I really thought this one was easy to watch.

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