The Clan


Biography / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jorgefn 8 / 10 / 10

An amazing thriller of a real-life villain.

Few years after the dictatorship in Argentina by Rafael Videla is overthrown, the remaining members of that military order begin a life of crime, using as an excuse that the Argentinians sold the country and pushed the patriots into catastrophe. At this time in history, is where the story of Arquímides Puccio (Guillermo Franchella) and his family take place. Puccio is an old retired military who starts kidnapping rich youngsters not just for the money, but to satisfy an evil mind that wants suffering. However, his five children, Alejandro (Peter Lanzani), Maguila (Gastón Cocchiarale), Silvia (Giselle Motta), Adriana (Antonia Bengoechea) and Guillermo (Franco Masini), are the ones who end up with the biggest sorrow. This brilliant movie is not a conventional crime thriller, it also explores the psychological illness of all the members in this family caused by the oppressing voice of Puccio's patriarchy. Alejandro, the brilliant and successful eldest child, is the connection between us and the pain inside the characters. The narrative of the story begins by the end, and so it goes interchanging present and future, until they collide in a sublime climax when all the feelings and thoughts of the children explode. Each one of the characters, even though they were real, are so astoundingly designed that you can feel the hate of the father; the indifference of the mother; the rage, the fear and even the love of the children. Another remarkable aspect of this movie is the BSO, featuring an accurate selection between The Kinks, Credence Clearwater Revival, and Argentinian rock of the 80's like Seru Giran and Virus. This is also a portrait of the post-dictatorship era as a fictional interpretation of the feelings of an old retired military, his new war, and his new army: his family.

Reviewed by SpannersGerm669 8 / 10 / 10

Guillermo Francella proves that he is a fine actor!

Wow, i just got back from watching this one at the cinema, here in Argentina and i will say that the hype matches the movie! The movie portrays a dark time in Argentinian history. Just after the dictatorship of Vidella had ceased, the country was rebuilding, however scraps from the dark days were still around, in particular associations that specialised in kidnappings back in the day. Looking to continue their business, they were offered protection from parts of the military, and "El Clan" depicts the story of the Puccio Clan. A family who kidnapped and killed many people in the 80s. Pablo Trapero is a household name amongst Argentinian cinema, so it wasn't a surprise that he chose such a disturbing story, as his other films have taken on similar dark tones. This movie wreaks of quality. From the very haunting imagery, to the authentic 80s soundtrack, to the phenomenal acting from Argentine comedian Guillermo Francella, all of these elements combine with the very disturbed story, to make a movie that catapults Argentine cinema to the front runner in the Latino area! Shocking violence along with the disturbing elements of human behaviour elevates this movie beyond an easy viewing experience, but if you are prepared to delve into a very dark, yet intriguing story, then you will come away from "El Clan" very satisfied!

Reviewed by dimenese 8 / 10 / 10

Very good movie

Just returned from the cinema. I liked the movie and the acting of all the characters, in particular from Guillermo Francella who already proved very well that he's not only excellent for humor but also an excellent drama actor. The movie has a superb 80's atmosphere in every detail, from cars, clothes, phones, music (the music in this film is awesome!). Regarding the story -which was true- the movie helped me understand much better the events and to correlate how Puccio got to that situation. I really recommend this movie and I hope you have the opportunity to see it.

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