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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rose21461 4 / 10 / 10


What did I just waste a Saturday evening watching?

Reviewed by romandeak 7 / 10 / 10

Slow and painful !

Beginning kind of ok but then the [email protected] show started... Acting ok ish but god story was so slow and stupid. Dont ! Just dont it's not worth it...

Reviewed by Joejoesan 7 / 10 / 10

A 50 minute story turned into a 100 minute movie

After seeing the trailer I had high hopes for The Clearing. Too bad it's just an okay zombiefilm, certainly not a classic. The movie is about a father and daughter who go camping in the middle of nowhere. One morning the father wakes up and discovers that his daughter is gone. Just when he goes out to look for her, he meets several crazy (running) zombies who want to bite him and tear him apart (there's no eating in this film). He does see his daughter outside and tells her to run away. He himself goes back to the caravan - and stays there almost the whole film. That's it actually. The father tries to get rid of the zombies in front of his door to go after his daughter, but every time he fails and must get back in. At one point that becomes boring. Of course this movie was made on a low budget and at first that doesn't show. The performances are okay, the zombies look great and the action is satisfying. But.almost 70% of the movie takes place on one location and that feels... cheap? Some unlikely and illogical things also happen. In the beginning of the zombie invasion his cellphone still works. So why not call for help? And how can his daughter survive in the woods for so long while he is safely in the caravan? How did the father learn to fight so well and how is he able to survive his latest trick on the undead? The Clearing could have been a great first part of a movie. With a second big location, let's say a mall, airport, holiday resort or even a big ship, the story would have been much more exciting and interesting. Now it looks like they turned a 50 minute story into a 100 minute movie. It's not bad and The Clearing certainly has some nice scenes. It's a good effort with the budget they had, but if they spent a few millions more it could have been great. 7/10

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