The Colour of Darkness



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by heatherizzard 10 / 10 / 10

The Colour Of Darkness by Girish Makwana

A truly breathtaking well contrasted film , entering you into the world of two different cultures where you become thrown into the depths of India versus western cultures , together you see the daily struggles and clashes that arise . Showing you highlights of India's individual cultures and different levels of hierarchy explaining "The out cast" and obtaining their own acceptance in their own culture/ country bringing together a hidden but true to life well told story . Where a lady Reporter meets a student and fall in love , along the journey he helps her to understand the clashes between the two different cultures . Girish Makwana has given a truly amazing in-depth beautifully well put together film , captivating his audience into a better understanding with a twist to the end that will guarantee a shed of tear/ sadness / emotion but will also give true hope !!! Girish (Director) has also composed his own music / lyrics that goes so beautifully well in contrast to his film , maintaining a truly well matched must see film which has already won awards . Well done !

Reviewed by summerkoker 8 / 10 / 10

A story of love and war.

The struggle for the preservation and adaptation of culture through the passages of evolution are memorably interpreted.

Reviewed by jblockbuster 8 / 10 / 10

Interesting glimpse on cultural clashes with India

Having lived several years in Asia as a Western person, I'm always happy to come across films which address the cultural differences, and clashes specifically. The Colour of Darkness needs some time to get into it. The filming style feels foreign, but if you are willing to dive into the film, to let go, it's a very interesting journey and portrayal of different cultures. A nice glimpse for an outsider in the workings of India, too.

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