The Coming Days


Drama / Sci-Fi

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August Diehl as Nathanaël
Daniel Brühl as Chris
Mehdi Nebbou as Jamal the Junk
Numan Acar as Arbeiter Gewerbehof
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by waldwuffel 9 / 10 / 10

Interesting, disturbing, realistic

This is not your typical sci-fi glimpse-of-the-future movie. No gleaming humanoid robots, no laser beams, no problems solved. Instead, this movie tries to portray the next ten years in terms that may be familiar to you if you are interested in "doomer" literature and movies. If not, get ready for a rough ride: resource depletion and consequent resource wars along with overpopulation and people seeking shelter in seemingly more secure countries (in this case, Germany) makes for an explosive mixture, witnessed through the eyes of various people. Some of them play an active part in what unfolds, others are mere onlookers and, sometimes, victims. The future still brings some technological advancement, albeit in smaller scale than say, the ultimate AI or above-mentioned robots. Instead, they are shown only in passing, which makes them even more impressive: automated traffic that doesn't stop at intersections, e-newspaper and a small garden for growing pepper under the kitchen counter. All of this in contrast with a city falling rapidly apart, trash flooding the streets, all lawns used for camping by immigrants and other homeless people. Highly recommended, especially if you like movies like "Children of Men". The only (small) drawback for me was that this one here is too strongly focused on the individual tragedies, and maybe too many of them to give the greater political image some space to unfold. It certainly is there, but much more is implied than actively said or done. Nevertheless, it is excellently done, well-acted and may give you some food for thought.

Reviewed by Luke159 3 / 10 / 10

Too long, trailer disguises pretty boring storyline

I've just returned from the cinema and we watched "Die kommenden Tage" in an empty theatre. Sadly, that was the best part of it. The beginning is strong, interesting characters are introduced, the viewer gets a notion what will come in the following years. However, in the following two hours, you don't get a clue about political circumstances. You get to know a terror-group, schwarzer Sturm, which seemingly operates world-wide, but meetings are only held in one strangely artistic set-up room in Berlin. Not plausible. The weakest points of this movie are: No background information, solely concentrating on the 4 main characters, which are unfortunately boring as hell and show almost none development, no political plot, and therefore the story is not believable. After watching the trailer, we were lured in some expectation about a great film....which it simply wasn't at all. Bad ending, however good musical main-theme... which however, really gets boring after hearing it all over again during the movie. I really cannot recommend this movie. The basic idea was great, but they missed their chance by far. It has the quality of an Sat1 "Fernsehfilm der Woche". Don't waste your money. You will be disappointed.

Reviewed by alshwenbear1 3 / 10 / 10

Sadly, a big let down!

By mere coincidence I just finished watching "The Kingdom" (2007) It left me thinking, then "Die kommenden Tage" (The coming Days) got my hopes high, but unfortunately the back stories where too much for the beginning, for the middle and the end. This movie missed the whole point of its own premises, is completely misleading and boring, the acting is OK, but the gets lost in translation, the writers and director probably got two different things in mind, the director wanted a convoluted, tragic love story and the writers wanted a political, futuristic statement. My recommendation: stay away from this movie, unless you need something to help you sleep.

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