The Congress


Animation / Drama / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
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Jon Hamm as Tom Shaw
Paul Giamatti as Harvey Pekar
Robin Wright as Gwen Tyler
Sarah Shahi as Carmela
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jithin K Mohan 9 / 10 / 10

Ari Folman is a genius

The first 40 minutes of the films are in live action where Robin Wright plays a version of herself who's promising acting career didn't really flesh out after her success in the 80's and 90's while her while taking care of her family and the film industry is revolutionizing itself by using scans of actors to make films. Then for the next hour, it turns into an animated film which stays close to the novel The Futurological Congress, a completely surreal experience. The first stands as a commentary on how the film industry is exploiting artists and the fascist standpoint of the studios along with all the ethical and moral conundrums. But it's when the animated section starts that we understand that it's actually a much wider problem we are seeing here, it's not just the film industry but the whole world that is forgetting the true nature of being human and is embracing the virtual world of lies. Although it throws some of its concept on your face and may feel a little over ambitious to some it's an epic journey that is truly a unique experience. Ari Folman is definitely a genius helming films like this one and Waltz With Bashir

Reviewed by Rectangular_businessman 4 / 10 / 10

A criminally underrated film

After reading so many complaints posted on the web about the lack of originality in modern movies, one would think there would be a lot of support and praise towards a film that tries to do something different and unique, but it seems that complex (or merely unconventional) narratives are loathed here on IMDb. But then again, this is the same website that gives extremely inflated ratings to a lot of generic superhero flicks. It is also the only website where a show like "Mr. Pickles" could be rated so high. Anyway, "The Congress" is a wonderful film. Of all the movies that combined live-action with animation through the history of cinema, this might be my favorite. Plot-wise, "The Congress" might be closer to movies like "Inland Empire" rather than "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". And the balance between the live-action parts with the animation is simply excellent. Some people say that it would have been better if the "Hallucination" parts were done in live-action, but I disagree: The animation sequences (Which make a marvelous combination of psychedelia with an art style reminiscent of the work of Max Fleischer) not only gives the story a proper dream-like feel to the story (Opposed to a dry and forgettable portrayal of dreams as it was seen in movies like "Inception") but also serve as a subtle commentary about modern-day obsession with escapism: It's something and subtle the way the thin line between fantasy and reality fades away as the plot of the film progresses, until the bitter reality is finally showed in a rather heartbreaking manner. Like at the end of "Waltz with Bashir", when the animation changes into live-action, we as viewers are forced to confront a harsh reality that cannot be ignored, and that reality is that living with our backs turned to the problems of today only will have dire consequences in the future, and we will have to deal with those consequences in one way or another. I guess that a message like that could be hard to swallow for many viewers, but I personally think that in this day and age, a message like that it's more necessary than ever. I hope "The Congress" gets eventually vindicated by history. Maybe in the future, people will be able to appreciate more its daring qualities. For now at least, the future of cinema seems bleak, with all the same generic stuff making billions at the box office while the actually challenging movies are perpetually ignored. A shame, really.

Reviewed by kshaharudin 4 / 10 / 10

Wasted potential.

This film has been on the 'to watch' list for years and finally now that i have time for it, i'm wishing i'd taken an ampule into the congress. What started out as a slow, yet fascinating step into the almost now world of entertainment where technology's advancement is able to immortalize actorscharacters (eg. young Princess Leia or Peter Cushing in Rogue One, Paul Walker in the fast and furious even Oliver Read in Gladiator) at the halfway point turns into a slower trippy, incoherent, nonsensical, European animation that has you constantly scratching at your head so that come the last 10 minutes you simply just want it to end (and don't expect to find a conclusion in the congress). At over 2hrs it feels longer. Robin Wright pretty much only has one emotion. The animation was mostly fine and never wow. The original idea is squandered. The narrative becomes ever more confusing throughout the film, but you'll not care anyway because of the anti- climatic (twist?) ending.

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