The Conspiracy of Torture


Biography / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lastliberal 7 / 10 / 10

A simple soldier shouldn't be too suspicious.

Those expecting a typical horror movie will be disappointed, as the horror depicted here is the Catholic Church's use of torture in the Middle Ages, and their greed. Fulci doesn't flinch from presenting the evil that was the church in that time. Those who do not like period pieces may find this film dull, but Fulci does a great job producing a work that is both beautiful and interesting. Adrienne Larussa was beautiful and did a very good job as the title character. Her father, played by Georges Wilson, was an evil man who kept her locked up. Wilson does a very good job portraying someone you really want to see die. You have to love a strong determined woman. Even in the face of torture by the church, she remained strong. Definitely not a movie for faithful Catholics.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 6 / 10 / 10

One of Lucio Fulci's most underrated and unjustly neglected films

Lucio Fulci achieved his greatest enduring cult popularity with his gruesome and moody horror splatter pictures, but was actually a much more versatile and accomplished director than he usually gets credit for being. This historical drama stands out as a sterling example of Fulci's remarkable cinematic talents: Lavishly mounted on a substantial budget, it manages to be genuinely poignant and gripping without ever becoming too sappy or melodramatic. Fulci handles the stark and unsentimental telling of this shocking real life tragedy with admirable skill and assurance; he delivers a thoroughly convincing and unromantic evocation of the harsh 16th century period setting along with a properly grim'n'gritty atmosphere and trademark startling moments of brutal violence and sadistic torture. Adrienne Larussa gives a strong and touching performance as Beatrice Cenci, a gentle, yet proud and resilient teenager who plotted with her faithful servant lover Olimpio (the always excellent Tomas Milian) to kill her cruel and abusive nobleman father Don Francesco Cenci (superbly played to the hateful hilt by Georges Wilson). Mavie is likewise sound as Beatrice's long-suffering stepmother Lucrezia and Ignazio Spalla contributes an amusing turn as gross fat slob bandit Catalano. Erco Menczer's sumptuous cinematography gives the movie an impressively lush and expansive look. The grand and melodic score by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino and Silvano Spadaccino rates as another major asset. But it's Fulci's inspired direction and the bold vehement anti-Catholic stance that really brings a certain raw and direct power to the film. Well worth seeing.

Reviewed by nick121235 6 / 10 / 10

Well, it's Fulci

Mid-century Italian renditions of period pieces are never quite the best; especially when coming from someone better suited for giallo as we would see from Fulci in the future. Even this early film shows all the fulci trademarks: the brutal special effects, the swinging close ups, the focus on eyes, and sadly, the poorly written plot. Although to be fair it's not the story so much as it is the constant back and forth in time. The flashbacks and present time are hardly differentiated and this is made even more confusing by it being in a foreign language for me. I really want to love this film, it gives hints as to the director's later greatness, and at the same time shows that he can work with genres other than slashers. Sadly it's just not up to par and makes me glad that he later did decide to stick with slashers. If I can get my hands on his earlier, non-thriller, stuff I will. But i'll be sure to keep my standards lowered just a bit. Mind you, this movie was still enjoyable but I think I let my excitement and love for this director raise my expectations too high.

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