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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by affiliate23 5 / 10 / 10

If you love acting WATCH Scott Marlowe in this!!!!!

First off the movie is very dated and fairly stupid('58) but that didn't stop me from watching it. The Star Scott Marlow (Bennie) is off his ass!! Kept me watching until the very end..(which is crazy if you think of the time VS now. His acting for the time is completely original. In the 50's film acting wasn't the way to go (or even really discovered yet) it was all stage acting, voice projection, big movements (more is more VS film now where Less is more) but Scott was acting like he was Vince Vaughn in Swingers, craaaaazy slick, believable and because it's in black and white you can't get over how modern his sarcasm and jokes are! As an actor i was blown away at how Scotts performance would still impress viewers well into 2007.

Reviewed by kidboots 5 / 10 / 10

very addictive film

I don't know who was "cool" but there were a lot of "crazy" kids at the end of the movie. This is a very addictive JD drug exploitation film. Gigi Perreau (a 40s child star) was the only genuine teenager in the film. Scott Marlowe (26) at least looked young but Dickie Jones (a 30s child star) at 31 looked even older than his years with his 5 o'clock shadow. Scott plays Bennie, a reform school graduate that comes to the high school as a pupil but he has a mission. He has been recruited to push M to the unsuspecting high schoolers (most look old enough to be teachers). Bennie had a very "cool" way of talking that would not be out of place now but in the 1950s - that was probably why he was picked on in the movie. In my copy - the "violence" was deleted. One minute Bennie was standing in a group - the next he was running for his life muttering something about his torn sweater. One minute they were mucking around in the hall - the next they were sprawled in the street and the police were saying someone was in hospital with a fractured skull. After only a day of smoking weed of course they are completely addicted and willing to do anything (robbery or worse) to get money to buy drugs. There are suggestions by the older guy to Bennie that once they are hooked on M!!! they will want harder stuff but all the events seem to take place over a couple of days. There is also the obligatory "understanding" policeman coming into the film at intervals to comment on the "crazy, mixed up kids". I liked it and would recommend it.

Reviewed by JohnSeal 5 / 10 / 10

Memorable JD flick

If you can overlook the over-hyped 'marijuana is a killer' message of this film, you're in for a treat. Scott Marlowe is the new kid in town, pushing 'M' to the local delinquents (who otherwise seem to like getting smashed on booze, funnily enough). It's the role of his career, even though he seems to be trying to channel the spirit of Marlon Brando. The Kansas City locations add the extra grit the film needs, and there's a super slimy turn by Marvyn J. Rosen as the big wheel of the narcotics business. Rosen never had another role, so presumably he was a KC local, and he makes the most of it. I remember watching this movie on TV back in the 70s and being impressed, and seeing it recently for the first time in 25 years rekindled my fond feelings for this nice example of indie filmmaking.

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