The Crazy Family


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ross-c 10 / 10 / 10

Outrageous, in a good way.

I first saw this movie before I had ever set foot in Japan, and found it freaky and outrageous. A tour de force of punk values in celluloid. I assumed that much of this impression was due to my unfamiliarity with Japan. Now, after living in Japan from 1987 until 1991, it's still just as outrageous. One of the rare movies that combines freak out visual images with a serious concept. Ishii takes the 'typical' Japanese family by each stereotype in turn, and stretches each to cartoon extremes. Lock all these characters in a house with all the windows and doors nailed shut, and let the climax to this movie slowly build. Recommended for viewers who are decidedly not faint hearted.

Reviewed by minispace 10 / 10 / 10

Crazy Satire

First time I saw this film must have been around 1987, on German TV I remember. "Die Familie mit dem umgekehrten Düsenantrieb". Either this one or 'Tampopo', which I saw around the same time, are the first Japanese films I even saw. I was gobsmacked by this one. Loved every minute of it. It's totally zany. It's a wonderful satire on 'booming Japan' in the 1980's. I particularly liked the role of the mother played by Mitsuko Baishô. I would say in the film, she's a kind of Japanse Teri Garr. Very subtle satire next to the outrageous things going on. The rest of the roles are filled perfectly which makes this a little gem. Of course, being 17 when I first saw it, Yûki Kudô did make an impression. Not sure though if this film would work for younger audiences in 2017, you probably have to know the zeitgeist of the 1980's a bit. Have been trying to get this film on DVD or Blue-Ray for YEARS and finally managed to find a copy on German Amazon. It belongs to my personal list of 'cult-films'. 10 out of 10 would be a bit off, the film is good and very entertaining but not a masterpiece, but I give it 9 for pure personal reasons.

Reviewed by secrective 10 / 10 / 10

wow. edge of my seat.

imagine if you will, a normal family with 2 kids that moves into a new house. now imagine the stress of this new house has driven one or more of them insane. after watching this movie i still do not know how many of them were actually crazy. a black comedy from japan circa 1984, A Crazy Family is one heck of a good movie to catch. the pacing, camera work, plot, characters, location, and soundtrack are all top notch. a real mind f#$% of a movie. showing the audience just how close anyone can come to going crazy. each character is well written and has a great personality. one scene with grandpa and the daughter was great, i cant believe the director said such things about world war 2. frightening and exciting at the same time. after watching this and sogo ishii's other movie 'electric dragon 80000v', i really must watch the rest of his films.

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